Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do You Ever Feel Swamped??

Isn't she adorable? She's an artist created doll and perfect for the time that the story is set in A Ghost of a Chance at Love. I still have a couple of review copies of the audiobook if anyone would like to listen to it and review it!! Just email me: terryspear @ ymail (dot) com

The past clashes with the present, and one woman finds herself fighting for her own identity in the past so that she can have a future with the man she loves--but with her ancestor's hold over her--Lisa Welsh and Jack Stanton only have a ghost of a chance at love. 
Lisa Welsh only wishes to leave a messy divorce behind for a couple of days stay in Salado, Texas, but wakes to nightmares and a cowboy in her bed, and she has no earthly idea how he got there. But the situation gets worse when she wakes in the morning and learns she’s living in 19th Century Salado. Even more worrisome is the tall dark stranger and everyone else in town believes she’s some woman named Josephine Rogers. Only she’s supposed to be dead.
Jack Stanton can’t believe the clerk gave him an occupied room at the Shady Villa Inn, but worse, he was ready to ravage the woman in that bed—until he realized his mistake. Now the woman he thinks is Josephine, claims to be some other woman—and though he could never abide by Josephine’s fickle ways, this Lisa Welsh intrigues him like no other. Still, everybody in town believes her to be Josephine, and he steps in to help her find her way back home.
Murder, mystery, ties to family roots in the past, embezzlement and murder in the present, and a man she can’t get off her mind no matter what century it is, Lisa has no choice. She must solve the mysteries and face the troubles in her world and Jack’s or they will never be free to share the love that binds them across the ages.  
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Lovely Review from Karen Michelle Nutt for Taming the Wild Highlander!
Dungeons, Faux Marriage, and an Adventure of a Lifetime...
Edana Chattan has been touched by the fae and knows when people she cares about are in danger. When she hears her brothers’ whispers in her head about danger and dungeons, she tries to tell her father, but her attempts fail and she sets out to save them herself. She is separated from her escort during a storm, and found by Angus MacNeil, who’s been tasked with returning her home safely. Angus met Edana years before and had been intrigued by her, but never approached her.
Edana convinces him and his companions of her abilities, and her need to accompany them in order to find her brothers. Angus never expected this adventure to lead into a faux marriage with Edana, and spending time in a dungeon, among other adventures. Angus is in over his head, but it doesn’t stop him from truly trying to win the lady’s hand for all time.
This is the fourth book in the series of the Highlanders. You do not need to read the stories in order, but you won’t want to miss the other tales.
I loved the banter between Edana and Angus--so cute. Ms. Spear does know how to make you fall in love with her characters, and her descriptions put you right there in the highlands with her characters. This is the fourth book in the series of the Highlanders. You don't have to read the stories in order, but you won’t want to miss the other tales.

Book 1 Winning the Highlander's Heart - Anice and Malcolm MacNeill
Book 2 The Accidental Highland Hero - Eilis Dunbarton and James MacNeill (This one is my favorite.)
Book 3 Highland Rake - Alana Cameron and Dougald MacNeill
Book 4 Taming the Wild Highlander - Edana Chattan and Angus MacNeill

Karen Michelle Nutt
And I'm swamped!! Just finished edits on Silence of the Wolf. Am working on the 17 guest blogs for Jaguar Fever and critiquing an author's book--lots of cool vampire Regency stuff--I'm so lucky. Have you ever wanted to be bitten? Thanks to Brooklyn Ann for giving me the opportunity!

And I need to get back to A Hero of a Highland Wolf. But I've got another conference coming up in 2 1/2 weeks. Also. :)

It's a good thing I'm not working full time too, still. I have no idea how I managed it before!

Oh, and a tip I learned yesterday on Fierce Romance--heat your water before you start the dishwasher. The dishwasher doesn't do that. So I'm giving it a shot before I give up and get a new one. It is 17 years old, so not new. But I'm only washing it half full it's so bad. We're low on water, so the way I do it is I run water into my teapot, watering jugs, etc until it gets hot so I don't waste it, then water my new plants suffering from the awful heat and drought after the water cools down in the jugs.

So have a delightful Saturday. The weather is hot, hot, hot here and we're under heat warnings.

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


Bonnie said...

I've read both these books and they are so fabulous I couldn't put them down. I love your characters.
It seems like it's rained everyday for the past few weeks here and our high is going to be 67.
I hope all goes well with your dishwasher.
Yay on finishing the edits!

Terry Spear said...

OMG, Bonnie, I could soooo use your rain, and cool!!!! I've been struggling to keep my poor plants alive!!! :)

Good luck with your move and will see you soon in Savannah! Woohoo!!!

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