Sunday, April 15, 2012

by Rolynn Anderson

As I write to you I am winging my way home to California after an amazing four days at the Romantic Times Conference in Chicago.  Sorry I’ll be a little late posting this blog…this is the first open slice of time I’ve had for days!  By the way, I had a chance to meet FTH’s own JL Wilson, my intrepid mentor (a blog writer for Voices, as well).  It’s so much fun to put faces to loop names and learn from our veteran writer/publisher friends.

I’ve attended scores of small conferences, so the scale of this giant one took my breath away (I’ve never had the pleasure of attending a National RWA conference, you see).   Add to that, this conference was attended by avid readers (adult and YA).  What an experience!  Hundreds of women hauling suitcases of books to be signed by their favorite authors (Ann Rice and J.R. Ward, to name a couple).  Lines of fans snaked through the Grand Ballroom for a chance at two minutes of conversation with their favorite authors.  Reader goals: get autographs, dress up in period costumes, find new books to read in their genres, hobnob with other fans, collect piles of books, party…and always…talk to their idol authors.  500 authors sat in an enormous room with a thousand fans milling around-three different days.  The noise!  The excitement!  One author came with body guards, for heavens sake.

We can all dream about readers lining up at our tables, eager to tell us how much they love our novels.  Bodyguards?  Maybe not.  But one thing for sure…we have avid readers out there, breathless to read our stories.  Let’s give them what they want!

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Josie said...

The Romantic Times convention is on my list for things to do, Rolynn. I'm sure you had an amazing time! An author with bodyguards? Wow!

Rolynn Anderson said...

You'll love it, Josie...bring ear plugs :-)

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks for sharing, Rolynn. I could hear the low roar of hundreds of voices and feel the push of bodies in the crowd. As for the body guards? Perhaps they were merely a marketing tactic to create buzz and interest. Even so...