Friday, September 7, 2012

Writing Challenge: 100W100D

There has been a lot of talk lately amongst my writer friends about procrastination. A small group of writers from one of my RWA chapters decided to do something about it and issued a writing challenge—100 words for 100 days.

As I mentioned in last month's post, I accepted the challenge.

The purpose of the challenge is to start a daily writing habit.

What are the rules?

Write 100 words per day or more. On days when you are busy, write no more than 100, but do 100. Record progress and share with teammates.

Easy, right?

We began the challenge on August 6th and have supported each other with encouragement for 32 days. Though none of us have added word count every day, we've come darn close. As to my progress, I've written at least 100 words a day for 28 out of the 32 days. I've added 12,000 words to my WIP at a time of year when I tend to spend more time with family and friends and gardening than writing.

I look forward to the remaining 68 days and hope to increase my daily word count.

Have you participated in a writing challenge?


Josie said...

One of my online groups started the same challenge and it's working out very well. Writing is such a huge project, but taking it in little chunks is the best way to finish.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Josie. And sometimes there is incentive in having to report your numbers. :)

Mona Risk said...

Dawn, I love that challenge. Can I join? Right now I can't write much, but 100 words is so easy to do.