Wednesday, August 14, 2013


“Everything stays in Las Vegas,” except for this important ‘tale.’ Before I leave glittery LV, I have vital information to share with the world of Indie writers.  InD’Tale Magazine, a sponsor of the 1st Annual Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas (August 7-11), is changing the world for those of us self-pubbing or contracted with small presses!

TJ Mackay, dynamic founder of the magazine, realized more than a year ago that Indie writers needed a voice, a review site and a source for information.  In one year, working out of her home in Santa Barbara, California, she has completed the herculean task of delivering a fabulous magazine, leading her staff to write thousands of professional reviews, and co-sponsoring the RomNovCon.  On August 9th, she announced the winners of the very first RONÉ awards for authors of novels and novellas, books that earned four or five stars as well the interest of the public, then were judged further by people in the writing profession.  Winners of Best Covers for 2012 also earned recognition from InD’Tale.

The energy and optimism of TJ Mackay and her staff is something to behold, giving us all hope that our efforts as Indie writers will earn the respect of readers all over the country.  Take a look at the site:  Consider sending your book to be reviewed by their able crew. 

Viva Las Vegas and InD’Tale!

Here's FADEOUT, which was runner-up in the thriller/suspense category for  the RONÉ.  Yahoo!  Check out other details on

Jan Solvang has spent her life avoiding conflict and commitment. Six months ago, she left a marriage proposal and a job in Seattle to care for her dying mother. Now she's stuck with her mother's California house and her mother's dog, filling her mother's shoes as a memorial planner with her estranged father.

Roman Keller thrives on conflict, writing documentaries that reveal the flaws of the famous. Jan’s challenge is to help him write a positive eulogy for a grandfather he disliked, but Roman is more interested in her other client: a powerful attorney with a dark past his family wants buried with him. If Jan stands behind the family and Roman goes for the exposé, who’s in danger and who wins?

The tension between them pulls tighter as each discovers the other is keeping secrets.  But if they tell the truth, will they destroy any chance for love?  


Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I never knew you could enter a book for their consideration. Thanks for the public service announcement. And major congrats on your award! Awesome!!!

Chrys Fey said...

Congratulations on making runner-up, Rolynn! That is a big feat! And thank you for sharing this information!