Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Perspective matters

It really helps to be busy. When you're busy, you take a lot of things in stride. At least, I do.

I've been frantically busy in my day job, and we're house hunting (again). My husband got a job in a nearby town and we're considering moving. So we're looking for a house, prepping our house to put on the market, I'm working on a new book that must be done in a week (3 chapters to go, whee!), I have family coming to visit for a week, I'm crazy busy at work, and I lost a tooth.

Yep, a tooth just fell out. It was one of those that had a crown, a post, and glue keeping it in place. The thing lasted 10 years longer than it should have, but one day it just fell out.

I barely noticed. Quick trip to the dentist. "Let's pull it." Okay, but not today. I'm too busy. So I'm getting it scheduled for April sometime (it doesn't hurt, so it's cool).

On any other day, I would have been all "OMG, a tooth!"

Today it's, "Next."

Perspective. It's all about perspective....

1 comment:

Ana Morgan said...

Perspective and priorities, J L.
It sounds like you have yours where you want them!