Monday, August 25, 2014

How times change

There was a time when RWA (Romance Writers of America) was an inclusive, educational place to be for people who aspired to be published.

Not so much anymore. The IRS is leaning on them (and other organizations, presumably), to make sure the voting members are only those who are "career-focused romance writers" (define career, to start with, I dare you). This is more in line with what MWA (Mystery Writers) and what the Science Fiction writers group does (sorry, don't know the acronym for that one).

According to MWA I'm not published, although I have 25 books out and nice royalties, thank you. That's a different beef I have, but related to the one I have with RWA. The unpublished masses are what keep the chapters afloat for RWA. I see a lot fewer chapters if these kinds of rules go into effect.

Life is change, of course, and it's amazing to me how much has changed in the 10 years since I set out to become a published author. I'll be curious to see what the landscape looks like 10 years from now.

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Ana Morgan said...

Many RWA members are upset about this latest proposed rule change. IRS rules are, like all rules, subject to interpretation. From my working hard to get to publication view, the restricting of voting power resembles the "haves" consolidating power or setting up a club exclusive.
Indie publishers, like I will be, may evolve completely past RWA. RWA will miss our dues.