Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Countdown to Valentine's Day

It's in full swing. It being the proliferation of advertising for the lover's holiday.

Stores are full of hearts and chocolates and sexy red lingerie. The internet is popping up ads for gift ideas. Notably, most of the ads are gifts for women. I even saw an ad for Love Heels. Cute twist on love heals. 

Of course, Valentine's Day is a holiday for the ladies. Right? 

When I was younger and working in an office, I dreaded Valentine's Day. Oh the pressure! Didn't boyfriends know they should send flowers to the office so you wouldn't appear to be among the have-nots? 

And when I wasn't dating anyone, I hated restaurants were so crowded with lovebirds; the wait for a table was overlong. Once seated, couples surrounded you, reminding you of what you lacked. 

Don't get me wrong. During February, my house is decorated with hearts. A heart-shaped candle sits on the shelf over my desk. Heart clings cover the window. Tiny glass hearts fill a clear vase. And I enjoy using heart-shaped baking pans and a serving dish. 

I'm older now. Settled in a loving marriage. Now the holiday is about spending private time with my personal hero. 

What is your take on the Valentine's Day holiday?


Pat McDermott said...
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Pat McDermott said...

Interesting post, Dawn. Those memories of yours ring lots of bells from the past for me. Now, I might go as far as buying pink M&Ms for our weekly game of whist with neighbors, but I don't do much to celebrate Valentine's Day. Seems so commercial. DH and I exchange cards, but we spread the romance around all year :-)

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Pat. Thanks for stopping by. I like the idea of spreading the romance across the year. We have date night once a week. We go to the local players' theater or a movie or concert or out to dinner. :)

Jill James said...

Sometimes in the day to day bustle we forget to say the things we're thinking to those we love. Valentine's Day is just a reminder to take the time to say, I love you.

If you are single, take the time to say I love you, to you. Don't you deserve it?

Karen Cote said...

This is a great post. I mostly enjoyed Valentines Day in school (especially elementary days). Exchanging Valentines with my classmates and that oh so special teacher's Valentine. Simply magical. I have probably carried that special feeling with me throughout the years and whereas every Valentines Day may not be ideal (until I met my hubby)...the charm of my youth remains embedded in my mind.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Oh, Jill, such a lovely sentiment. We all deserve to be good to ourselves. Well said!

Thanks for dropping in!

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Karen. Thanks for visiting! Childhood memories are so special. Thanks for sharing.

Emma Leigh said...

I always loved Valentine's Day. Although I must say, my husband and his memory leaves us often not celebrating it. But then again, I love the idea of just spreading it throughout the year.

Great post, Dawn.

Josie said...

I love Valentine's Day, also. I'm sure my DH of 36 years would say it's a Hallmark holiday, but you can't beat the chocolate.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Emma. Spreading the love through the year provides lots of opportunities for romance. Gotta like that! Thanks for stopping by.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Josie, I'd rather get chocolate than a card. So would my DH. :) Thanks for visiting!

Lois said...

Hi Dawn,
Valentine's Day is your brother's and my half year anniversary ~ so that'll be 41 and a half years of wedded bliss for us! He's celebrating with a round of golf ~ ha! We rarely go out for dinner on the 14th (too crowded)but have a nice usually seafood dinner at home. We actually splurged last week at The Flying Fish at the Boardwalk resort in Disney...fabulous!
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby!

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi Lois,

Dinner at Disney--sounds wonderful! And we know the Hamilton girls love Disney :)

Thanks for visiting!