Friday, January 25, 2013

A new home for an old book?

I had a dilemma. I had this book I wrote, but I didn't think any of my publishers would want it. It's from the male POV, 1st person, and well, I just wasn't sure they'd want it.

So that book languished on my computer (not really. It just sat there).

Then lo and behold, one of my publishers (The Wild Rose Press) announced they were expanding their submissions and maybe -- just maybe -- this book might fit with them.

Why go with a publisher instead of self-publish it? A couple of reasons. One is that I have several books I'll be self-publishing this year, so I don't really need this one in the queue. The other reason is that I think when I have a book out with a publisher, I get some good publicity not only for that book, but for my back list with the publisher. Since I have a lot of books with them, it makes sense for me to see if I can continue my relationship with them.

Keep your fingers crossed -- I have some editing to do and it's not a done deal that it will be accepted. But there may be life for that poor old manuscript after all!


Ana Morgan said...

Go for it, J L.!

Anonymous said...

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Josie said...

Interesting, JL. Keep us posted on the publishing date! :)