Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simple goals

I don't set concrete, milestone-focused goals because inevitably something derails any good intentions. This year I came up with 3 goals:

Eat Right. Just be mindful about what I eat. No more robo-eating, chowing down while I'm doing something else. I already have a daily habit of exercise, so now it's a matter of making good eating a daily habit.

Write Daily. I've been wickedly busy through the summer with legal crap, the Day Job, getting settled in a new home, and a million other things. I used to ALWAYS make time for writing, no matter what, but somehow I got out of that habit. Heck, I wrote 27 books while holding down a full-time job. Yes, I'm still working full-time, but I have even more time since I now telecommute and no longer that the grind of sitting in traffic. So no more excuses.I will write daily.

Daily Promo. I dislike doing blatant promotion, so I made a deal with myself: I would make one promo post (or blog entry or something) every day that's related to me as a writer. I would post to a Yahoo group, or on a blog, or on Facebook, or *somewhere* that relates to me as a writer. One a day.

Here we are, 10 days into the year, and I'm doing it. I'm sticking with all 3 goals. Writing daily has been a problem until I realized that the research I'm doing for the next book counts, too. It's all writing-related.

It's doable. Now it's just a matter of doing it.

Famous last words ....

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