Sunday, February 10, 2013

Of course, love is in the air ...

So are colds, flu, and nasty illnesses. Just when you think you're safe, WHAM, you'll be hit.

The older I get, the more paranoid I get about getting sick. Not Howard Hughes paranoid, but I am careful about it. I remember a book I read a long time ago. The White Plague, by Frank Herbert (yes, the Frank Herbert of Dune fame). Long story short, it talked about how a mad scientist came up with a very nasty disease and how very easy it was to transmit that disease.

Hint: money.

Think about it. Money goes through many, many hands and who knows where those hands have been? Since read that book, I always Purell my hands after handling money.

Another thing I've noticed in today's world: look at how many meals we eat with our hands, not with silverware. Fast food, finger food -- whatever you want to call it -- and how often do we wash or Purell our hands before eating?

So in addition to safe sex, let's add Safe Eating to our list of things to consider. It's inevitable that each of us may be smitten by a disease, but let's do our darnest to make it tough for those little germ buggers to grab us.

And so ends this public service message.


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