Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ride The Wind

Did you ever have that moment in time where you know where you want your characters to go, but yet the process of getting it from your mind to the paper seems fruitless?

As I sat last night in my living room looking out the window to the winds whipping through the trees, branches bending under the gusts and rain pelting the window, I thought about my newest work in progress.  I know where I want my hero to be, but getting there seemed as difficult as the branches standing strong against the winds. Watching some of the branches bend and move with the wind is insightful to how sometimes as writers we fight against the storm.

Our characters want to go in one direction and instead of riding the breeze, we fight and try to stand strong in our own direction. I am not one to plot out my books, however sometimes I have definite ideas where they should be going.  I have learned over the years that fighting the storm brewing between myself and one of my characters is like fighting the wind -- impossible.

So after writing this, I have decided to ride the wind in this new story and let my hero lead the way.  Will it end up a better story?  Absolutely because who knows more about my hero than himself.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Compatibility of the hero and heroine

I'm still making my way through my TBR list from RT2012.  I am reading my autographed copy of The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice!  Yeah, I had throw in the autographed copy mention :-)  Believe it or not, I've never read an Anne Rice book.  I've watched the movies, but that's it.  So, I've been taking my time, and really reading this one not only for enjoyment, but also to learn.

I am enjoying the book, tremendously.  I was surprised that the story is told only from the hero's POV.  I only have about a third of the book left, and although there are tons of characters in the book, so far, only Reuben is talking to us.

Honestly, I don't traditionally read stories told from one POV or told in first person.  They lose my interest.

But, instead of losing my interest Anne Rice has managed to make me petrified that on the next page my hero will be hurt or killed.  I keep trying to write the book for her because I don't want to end up crying like I was over a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy (still crying over Ryan Hurst.)

But, this post is more about the compatibility of the hero and heroine.  Reuben is this young, gorgeous intelligent writer for the local paper.  While his heroine is a recluse living in the woods, although equally as intelligent and versed in the world.

Reuben is reveling in the primal nature of his Man Wolf, and his new found strength and power.  But, Laura is walking around in flannel night-gowns, prematurely gray, with very little focus on make-up or glamour of any kind.

At first, I thought, maybe because of all the sexy vampires and werewolves out there, why isn't Laura sexing it up for her Man Wolf.  Now, I'm thinking he's from the forest and primal, and maybe this is exactly the type of woman he needs.

Because Anne Rice does such a great job describing Reuben as both man and Man Wolf.  I keep waiting for her to do the same with Laura.  but, it hasn't happened, yet.

I'm waiting on this change to happen, and it would probably be one of the most disappointing factors for me, if it doesn't happen.

What do you look for in compatibility with your hero and heroine when you read?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Redheaded Wizard Bear Ready for the All Wizard's Party!


Got to have a redheaded wizard, red bear wizard, for the all wizard's party for Halloween, right? So here is a red mohair bear, wire body, red mohair beard, and lined cloak. He's also a one of a kind bear. :) 

Today I'm at Sia's for coffee, well green tea, and fun! And another copy of Savage Hunger! Only 3 days remain next week for giveaways!
10/26 Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee

Kids are coming to visit, but something I was going to give my daughter for an early birthday present still had the security tag on it! I wish I had tried to wrap it up earlier and would have seen it and could have taken it in when I ran errands yesterday!! Although, I did sell the tall gold mohair wizard bear and need to ship it to South Africa, so I will have to run into town anyway.

Okay, this is another book in the Shadow Elf series. I started writing a different one, too and have the cover for it, but still haven't decided on the title. My problem is that the elves I want to write about are referred to as the High Elves, because they use High Magic, and live  in the mountains with their dragon companions. Maybe say High Magic Elves. Not sure. :)  What else could I use as a title for High Magic Elves??? I like two words if I can do it. :)

Have to clean and the like...wish I had some magic and could just whisk the dust away! Living in cornfields makes things ultra-dusty and the farmer has been plowing and replowing the fields for unknown reasons. :) And replowing...

Back to the issue of security tags and purchase mishaps.
My mother bought some beautiful shoes in Las Vegas, got home, and only one of the shoes was in the box.  I bought a sweater in one state, got it home and found the security tag still on it. I managed to finally pry it loose without it tearing anything, but in the future, I'd just take it to any store that has the security removers and see if they'd remove it because I'd be afraid of getting ink on the garment or tearing up the fabric.

So, have you ever gotten home and found out a clerk had left a security tag on your clothes? Or worse, one shoe and a box?

Happy TGIF!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why me?

You know, I was all prepared to write a peevesome post about how the medical system is goofy, and forms shouldn't be sent here and there, and I shouldn't have to schedule this, someone else should...

Deep breath. The world is not out to get me. No matter how skewed I think my life is, someone has a far more skewed life than me. It's always important to stop and put things in perspective. I've been inconvenienced. I haven't been injured, my health is reasonably good, and I'm not starving, in danger, or worried for my life.

There are so many annoyances in the world we can't control: the weather, bureaucracy, politics. I just have to keep reminding myself that if I can't control a thing, then just deal with it and move on. Don't let it take over your day.

Deep breath ... think of writing, and relaxing, and enjoying yourself ... deep breath.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ghosts of Placerville

By Paisley Kirkpatrick
The end of October brings out the goblins and ghosts. Lots of tales of ghostly deeds and the unexplained are everywhere. I live close to the California Gold Rush community now named Placerville. I've personally encountered several of the ghostly remains of people who still hang around, sometimes making life a bit complicated when disturbed.
I worked in an art gallery that was a corner saloon during 1849. The two story building stands over a creek and ghost hunters have said it is a perfect way for those spirits to enter the building. Really, I am not stretching the truth here. The gallery filled the bottom floor. Several business offices were upstairs. One problem we had occurred every Christmastime. The people upstairs closed their offices for the holiday week, yet I could hear heavy footsteps overhead and an occasional door slamming. I would notify my boss and she'd go upstairs and check for an intruder. She never found anyone.
One morning I entered the gallery and found paintings turned askew on the walls and the tags that I'd taped under the paintings were all over the floor. We had four wastebaskets -- until one morning we found the pink one missing. The three gray ones were in the middle of the room. I missed the one time the ghost became violent. My boss and another employee were behind the counter when the large vase (about four foot tall) slammed against the wall on the other side of the room. It hit so hard it shattered into many pieces and the leg on the mahogany table was scratched.
The Cary House Hotel, standing across the street from the gallery, has two ghosts that we know of. One is Stan who worked as the check-in clerk. He'd been drinking heavily one evening and made a pass at one of the female guests. Her man friend was jealous and shot Stan. He died on the lobby floor. To this day he rides the elevators up and down at night and checks each door by jiggling the door handle to each room. When I toured the hotel to take photos for my newly released story Night Angel, Stan wouldn't let me open the door to the old elevator. I walked up several flights of stairs during the tour. When it was time to leave, I had no problem opening the door and riding down to the lobby. The other ghost is George. He mistook a poker player as the one who'd cheated him the night before and shot and killed him before he realized it was the wrong man. There is a dummy named George hanging on the front of the Hangman's Tree Saloon across the street from the hotel.
The television show that went around the country taping haunted houses and hotels presented a twenty minute portion of their show from the Cary House Hotel. There are a lot more stories in our community, but not enough time to share them all.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yippee! Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon—Finalist in the 2012 Golden Gateway Contest

I'm so very excited to have Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon, the second novel in the Highland Gardens series, appear on the list of finalists. Thank you to the judges and coordinators.

Congratulations to all the finalists! Good luck in the final round.

~Dawn Marie

FTHRW 2012 Golden Gateway Finalists


The Ring by Jaclyn V. Di Bona

Stone Guardian by Danielle Eliot w/a Danielle Monsch

Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon by Dawn Wolzein w/a Dawn Marie Hamilton

Shift Happens: A Carus Novel by Jasmin McKenzie w/a JC McKenzie

Moon Borne by Heather Boey



The Parachutist by Dora Mekouar w/a Diana Quincy

The Wicked Earl of Westfield by Betty Trovarelli w/a Renee Ann Miller

Dark Star by Callie Burdette w/a Callie Russell

Miss Chesley's Secret Night by Barbara Huddleston w/a Barbara Bettis

Dagger's Destiny by Karen Woodward



Synchrony's Call by Susan J. Bickford

Close Knit by Beverly Diehl

Seemingly Perfect by Mary E. Strand

Sunsets on Catfish Bar by Mary E. Strand

Rifles, Racquets, and Rabbit Holes by Robin Haseltine



The Billionaire's Hypnotized Mistress by Greta MacEachern

When Sparrows Cry by Heidi Luchterhand

Love on the Menu by Joan Rhine

Fugitive Heart by HiDee Ekstrom

Ms. Scrooge by Anita Calhoun



Hawaiian Heat: The Marriage Trap by Diane Garner

Jungle Blooms by Evelyn M. Timidaiski w/a Evie Morris

Love Waltzes In by Alanna Albertson

Going All The Way by Heidi Ulrich w/a Megan Ryder



Guilty by Design by Mary E. Strand

Looking into Hell by Kristine Thompson

Waking Up In Hell by Kristine Thompson

Mint Condition by Katina Drennan w/a Kat Drennan

Her Unreasonable Doubt by Anne-Marie Carroll



Tracked Through Time by Becky Lower

Alien Contact for Idiots by Edward Hoornaert

The Missing Time by Sandra J. Clarke

The Last Bachelor by Tina Radcliffe

Read My Lips by Kelle Z. Riley

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Small Victory with Big Implications

Last week I won a small victory. I figured out how to download e-books through the Kindle app on my new tablet.
I am one of the technology challenged.  I don't like to push buttons to see what happens. People just as much as cell phones. (I'm a Libra rising. Peace in the valley preferred.)
I got an Android tablet as part of an upgrade deal. Its tutorial is online. The SIM card quit working during the ninety mile drive home. It took three weeks to get a replacement. But it came with a Kindle app.
A month later and I have ordered an e-book. I get the e-confirmation of the transaction but it does not show up on my screen. I finally start pushing buttons. Poof! Like magic, it appears.
I read the story and am ready for another. Same story. I order, get the confirmation and nothing loads. I don't know what button to push.
I glare at the tablet for several days, then get mad. I start pushing buttons. This time paying attention. When did 'Sort" come to mean download?

Now I am a happy e-reader. I have a world of books at my tapping finger. I will be downloading my sister FTHRW's books. I will learn how to e-publish.
One small step with big implications.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preparing for NaNoWriMo

Once more I’m spending the month of October preparing for the writing extravaganza known as National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo. As usual, my preparation for this consists of first deciding what story I should write, and then defining the characters, the world, and a general outline of the plot. I don’t actually start writing the story until the first day of November, but anything I can do to make the writing go smoother during the contest, I try to get done in October.

As it happens, this month I’ve got a somewhat easier job than usual because I picked for my writing project something I’m already very familiar with. In fact, I’ve already written the first five thousand words of the story.

You see I have this short story I wrote many years ago called “The Girl In The Box.” It is set in my futuristic Gaian world and features a young woman who is handicapped due to a birth defect and confined to a box-like wheelchair she controls through wires connected to her spine. She’s fallen in love with a young man she knows only through the their voice communications, a man she’s never seen and who has never seen her. To make matters worse, he’s an unattached Gaian man who apparently believes she’s the right woman for him. Ami knows she wouldn’t be considered an appropriate match for him but Ganth has other plans.

I loved this short story, and so did a lot of other people. It is one of my best selling titles at Amazon. But the one comment everyone makes is that it is very short. So I’ve decide that I’m going to finish the story in the month of November. At the end of the short story it is clear that Ami and Ganth should have a happy ending.... but there are some complications that still exist. For one thing, she’s injured. For another there is someone determined to kill Ganth and his father, plus there is a small matter of the secret mission they were on. Plenty of conflicts to be overcome. And what about Ami’s crippled legs? Is she going to be able to walk again?

All of these questions will be resolved by the end of November and I expect to have the result up on Amazon sometime in December – after careful editing, of course. Adding more to Ami and Ganth’s story has been an ambition for a long time and now that I'm going to do it, I want the best for them. And for those people who think that 5K words is too short? Well, they can enjoy an additional 50K of the story very soon.

I’ll let you know in November how things are going.

Janet Miller/Cricket Starr

Monday, October 15, 2012

FEAR OF DELETION by Rolynn Anderson, author of FADEOUT

Dear Friends,
How many of you suffer from fear of deletion?  Now, I do save my files to a second hard drive and Mozy stores my documents in their cyber server, but the act of deleting is such a firm and final action, that I find myself unable to punch the “OK” button when I’m asked to do so...especially once I've read the computer God’s ominous message: “You will never, ever be able to retrieve the stuff you’re about to (stupidly) delete.”

How many of you have trouble emptying your computer trash?  Who amongst you has taken the trouble to sort your e-mail messages and dumped all but the most recent.  I CAN’T DO IT! 

Old copies of my precious novels, which barely resemble the completed and published iterations?  I still have them, taking a megabite each of storage space.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Anyone have a ritual or trick or pithy piece of advice for this file hoarder with delete aversion?  I need help!  Rolynn

BLURB for FADEOUT by Rolynn Anderson:
Jan Solvang has spent her life avoiding conflict and commitment. Six months ago, she left a marriage proposal and a job in Seattle to care for her dying mother. Now she's stuck with her mother's California house and her mother's dog, filling her mother's shoes as a memorial planner with her estranged father.

Roman Keller thrives on conflict, writing documentaries that reveal the flaws of the famous. Jan’s challenge is to help him write a positive eulogy for a grandfather he disliked, but Roman is more interested in her other client: a powerful attorney with a dark past his family wants buried with him. If Jan stands behind the family and Roman goes for the exposĂ©, who’s in danger and who wins?

The tension between them pulls tighter as each discovers the other is keeping secrets.  But if they tell the truth, will they destroy any chance for love?

LAST RESORT-print & download at
FADEOUT in print & download at

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall in New England

Well fall has officially arrived, weather-wise, in New England.  I woke up this morning to the inside temperature at my house being 58 degrees.  I love warm weather and this is definitely not it.  As I sit here wrapped in blankets and layered up, I long to be somewhere warm. I have lived in New England my whole life and I must say I have never enjoyed the winters, but as I get older, even this crisp cool morning has me wanting to run for a warmer climate.

Don't get me wrong, I love apple picking season, and the cool days that really only require a sweatshirt.  But as the cold seeps into my bones, I question why I still live in this region.  Yes, I know the answer to that.  I still have kids in high school that would kill me if I tried to move them to a different area away from their friends.  So instead, the count down begins to when I will be able to move to warmer weather.  Two and half years.....and counting.

In the meantime, the cold weather has me putting on the fireplace and curling up with my netbook.  This weather is a great time to get writing done.  Or if the case maybe, editing and/or self-promotion.  As I make notes of the story lines growing inside of me, I definitely have plenty to write for the winter.

So curl up to the fireplace with a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy your favorite pastime, reading or writing if the case maybe and pass the winter warmly.

Friday, October 12, 2012

#NewBook Release by Angela Kay Austin

Love All Over Me which was inspired by one of my favorite singers--Monica, is finally here!  If you haven't heard her music, you have to go and purchase any album you find.  She's a singer who actually sings.  She's lucky we're not friends because I swear, I'd find reason to coax her into singing for any reason.  Ex:  "Monica, I feel horrible...my man just dumped me." Or, "Monica, I broke  a nail."  Whatever would work :-) Monica's response would be instant beautiful music to uplift me.  Right?  Of course!

The song that inspired this short is titled "Love All Over Me."

As I watched the video, I thought what if that first love was lost, but in a more permanent way.  But, what if the love left behind couldn't let go, and what if the lost love couldn't let go either.  What would that mean for both of them?

Here's the blurb for my new release:

Tamara Blanden blames herself for the loss of her one true love.  Hidden away from life, she lives only to see him again.

Jerome Blanden couldn't let go of his love, even in death.  Because of him, his selfishness, she'd loss so much time.  Time he couldn't give back.  But, he could change everything.

Available today from MuseitUp Publishing!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Better late than never!

What can I say? Deadlines in the Paycheck Job, planning a class reunion, a new book release (see the pretty cover? it's all about a ghost who comes back to haunt a woman and a fire and ... well, check my web site for more details, that's not what I'm going to talk about now), a new book in the works, an old book being revamped ...

I forgot to blog today. Yikes. That oversight has been remedied and a reminder is now in my Toodledo task manager.

Yes, I use a task manager. I have to. You see, I blog 7 or 8 times a month at various sites. I update my web site weekly. I have a personal blog. I have book releases, blog tours, and promo spots. And I have work obligations, like 2-4 hours of meetings every day, assorted webinars, etc.

A task manager and calendar are essential. I use Toodledo for Tasks and Google calendar for most other things. The nice thing about both is that I can synchronize them effortlessly on all my devices. I have a phone, a tablet, 2 computers, and an iPod Touch that all need to be synchronized. I've found nice apps for all that let me synchronize.

Plus I use Sugar Sync, to store files in the cloud and thus draw them down to any device whenever I need them. I use it because it automatically makes copies as I use it, so I don't have to remember to drop files into a folder to be synchronized.

So you see, I really am organized -- whenever I remember to put something on my calendar! I promise, from here on in -- I won't forget. I just put it on my reminder list.

Promise  ☺

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dave Barey by Josie Riviera

It's the 8th of the month and Dave Barry writes about a subject of interest to everyone---MONEY!

Enjoy, and please leave a comment. Is the stock market the safest place for your hard-earned writing money?

"Money is an outdated concept. The hot thing is stocks. Stocks are BETTER than money, because with money, there's no mystery about what it's worth. If you have $2,038 at 10 a.m., it will be the same old boring $2,038 at 5 p.m. Whereas if you own stocks, you have the excitement of knowing that at any moment you could be wiped out by economic forces that you do not even dimly comprehend."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Waterfalls of The Last of the Mohicans

Dawn Marie at High Falls

I've always loved waterfalls. Standing near the spray brings a sense of balance—peace and tranquility.


During a recent visit to the Asheville NC area, hiking to waterfalls was number one on my to-do list.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Driving south from Asheville, we tooled along theBlue Ridge Parkway taking in scenic vistas of rolling mountains.

Looking Glass Falls

Dropping off the parkway, we headed for Looking Glass Falls within the Pisgah National Forest. Although not filmed for the movie, the falls are lovely.

From there, we drove to Dupont State Forest, just north of the South Carolina border.

We put on our hiking boots and walked…

Hooker Falls

Triple Falls

High Falls

Hooker Falls, Triple Falls and High Falls—sites for several scenes in the movie, The Last of the Mohicans.

Having not seen the movie, I visited the library after returning home and checked out the DVD. Based on the American literary classic by James Fenimore Cooper, The Last of the Mohicans, staring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe, is a love story destined by fate and tested by the ravishes of the French-Indian War. I loved the movie as much as visiting the falls. It was such fun to see the locations we visited in the forest as settings for the movie.

If you are ever in the Asheville area, I recommend visiting the falls.

I've had a Native American paranormal romance brewing in the back of my mind for a while. After visiting the falls and watching the movie, I'm itching to start plotting.

Have you been inspired by a place you visited or a movie you've seen?

~Dawn Marie

btw: For more adventurous pictures of Triple Falls, check out my blog post, Adventurous Characters -- Daredevil Kayakers

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Southern Belles, Skirt Hooks, and 504 Jeans


 When I was a young teen Levis 504 button fly jeans were the hip item, which meant I naturally had to have a pair. Those pants made a short trip to Goodwill after I wrestled with opening and closing the fly. Why did it have to be so difficult to unbutton those stiff metal buttons? Zippers I knew, and until that time totally underappreciated. After that disastrous experience, I thought about what women willing endure in the name of fashion such as foot crippling platform shoes. Of course, we basically choose to wear these fashions, but what if you had no alternate.

In researching my newest release, Undercover Rebel, Emily, my smitten belle, trades in her hoop skirts and corset to go undercover and crosses enemy lines to rescue her fiancĂ©. Things don’t go all that well, but she rejoices in her stolen boy clothes. Life is so much easier when you don’t have to flatten your hoops to sit or even go through a door. If I thought 504 jeans slowed down a trip to the bathroom, imagine having to hook up your skirts on a metal hook that was installed for that purpose, as you tried to balance yourself over a chamber pot.

If you thought things were simpler in the past, you’d be surprised. There are a boatload of rules for women of good breeding that my incredibly wise editor, Larriane helped me navigate.

Here’s an excerpt from Undercover Rebel, the first book in Rebel Hearts Series.

 Gray’s lips curved upward. “All the Sewells are good looking. It’s commonplace to hear your family mentioned as one of the most comely of the county.”

Emily’s heart took a nosedive like a crow spying a piece of corn. Sure, she heard they were a comely family, but never thought much of it. Comely could mean there were no hunchbacks or cross-eyed cousins. She’d thought perhaps he only commented on her, especially wearing the green satin. No, such praise was too much to hope for.

“Hey there, sugah, what’s with the long face?” Gray raised his hand to place two fingers under her chin, tilting it upwards toward his gaze.

His unexpected action caused her fingers to loosen on her fan and it slipped from her hand. He called her sugar. Mother would hate it and call it common, inappropriate at any time. If only she could grab the word, the look in his eyes, and the feeling inside her, and wrap it, all in cotton batting to store away like a precious keepsake. If only this moment, wait, his lips moved, could it get any better?

“You’ve always been a delightful sprite following your brother and me around. Townsend called you a nuisance, but I never minded. Your high spirits, your curiosity, your courage always impressed me.” Gray ended with a wink.

“It did?” Emily squeaked. She didn’t sound like the belle of the ball. More like her nine-year-old cousin than a femme fatale. Maybe Eileen could get her money back on the potion. Still, Gray called her beautiful, winked at her, and touched her. So far, he brought to life almost every one of her romantic daydreams, except one. His face grew larger. Oh my, he was going to kiss her. Her heart beat double time, making it hard to breathe. Inadvertently, she squeezed her eyes shut, but opened them again, not wanting to miss a second.

Voices getting closer broke through Emily’s rapt contemplation of Gray’s lips. Whirling, tugging on his arm, she urged him down the gravel path.

“Let’s check out the gazebo down by the river,” she commented, hoping Gray could read her unspoken message. The gazebo stood isolated at the edge of the property.

As they walked, greeting people casually, Emily worried Gray wouldn’t kiss her at all. Her skirt bumped against an azalea bush, scattering the deep pink blossoms and releasing their fragrance into the air. Maybe he wasn’t going to kiss her. Maybe she imagined it all. What would she say to Gray? How could she extract herself from this embarrassing situation? A woman they passed teased Gray about how handsome he looked in his uniform. Shaking off her internal monologue, Emily spotted the offender, Elizabeth Anne, and bestowed upon her one of Eileen’s specialties - the gimlet glare with the smug smile. Elizabeth stumbled back a step, obviously interpreting the message correctly. The potion just kicked in.

The people thinned out, and they managed a few more steps without any interruptions. The gazebo with its fresh coat of white paint gleamed like a beacon. Gray walked by her side in a companionable silence. What was he thinking? Looking up at him, furrowing her brow, Gray laughed and dropped a kiss on her brow.

Without thinking, she said, “You kissed me.”

“No, not a kiss. I was just trying to smooth out those worry lines in your forehead. Would you like for me to kiss you?” Waiting for her response, his eyes twinkled.

“Oh yes,” Emily sighed the words, giving voice to her most ardent wish. Gray swept her into his arms, causing her to stumble backwards. He only held her tighter. His lips swooped down on hers. My goodness his lips were soft, yet firm. He smelled so good. The sandalwood aroma wrapped around her along with his arms. The length of his muscular body pressed up against hers, causing her hoop skirt to bell out behind her.

The kiss ended too soon. Staring into Gray’s darkened eyes; the thought of another kiss drew her up on her toes closer to his lips when voices rounding the path corner caused them both to move apart. Emily murmured under her breath. “Damn people.”

It must have been loud enough for Gray to hear because he laughed and attempted to cover it with a cough. Angling his head in her direction, away from the approaching people, he winked, mouthing words she couldn’t quite make out. He turned to greet the group of people. Joseph Calhoun stepped forward in his Confederacy uniform and began pontificating about the strength of the Southern States. Emily caught the eye of Virginia Hammer, who looked supremely bored with her beau’s choice of topic. She’d probably heard Joseph’s impassioned speech more than a few times already.

 Want to read more? Leave a comment indicating you’d like to read more, or even find out what the potion is. I am giving away three free books.