Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hi all,

First of all I am so thrilled to be posting on Valentine's Day this year. For a romance writer this is a great thing. You see, I write romance because I believe in love and this is the day to celebrate the existance of love in our lives. I love love stories, like most people do. Love helps in so many ways.

I have a friend in the hospital right now and I know one of the reasons she's going to recover is that her husband of a ridiculous number of years is with her most of the time, helping her to get better.

I watched a really cute video today about a couple just getting married whose "dream beach wedding" was a fiasco of amazing porportions. And yet you can tell from how they are reacting in the video that they are going to be able to weather pretty much anything life throws at them.

Early on in my relationship with my husband of another ridiculous number of years I knew we'd be good for each other because we spent a long weekend in a woodworking shop making a floor-to-ceiling bookcase out of planks of wood, dowels, and two-by-fours. Hours of cutting, drilling, smoothing, sanding, staining and varnishing. It was our pride and joy for years but a pain in the bottom to have made. And yet neither of us exploded in the process. Instead we kept our sense of humor about the whole thing by joking about it.

Love is good for people. It is more than a matter of keeping loneliness at bay. It keeps our souls alive.

So Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Janet Miller/Cricket Starr

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Joanne said...

Yes, love is good for the soul. I've been married to my dh a ridiculous number of years, too.
Happy belated Valentine's day to us all!