Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little while ago I announced I had received "the email". It's official now. The contract has been signed and in between writing I am redesigning my web page, thinking about promoting and just enjoying the high of my first sale.

So on the wave of the sale, I would like to share with you a little bit about CRASHING HEARTS, my first contemporary romance.

Can love conquer all and break down the barriers we build to protect our fragile hearts?

Having suffered the tragic loss of her first husband, Kira Nichols now raises her autistic son alone. She is fiercely protective of him, and her heart. Kira fights the guilt she has lived with for years surrounding her husband’s death and struggles to keep Grant Rutledge at arm’s length. It becomes harder and harder as their unfailing love deepens and encompasses her son. When Kira discovers Grant abandoned his son by his ex-fiancee, she second-guesses her heart. She must break through her suspicions and doubts and put to rest past ghosts to get to what she truly wants--if it’s not too late.

Grant Rutledge returns to his hometown to help take over the family business and to repair the spiked heel to his broken heart. Falling in love is not what he planned after a broken engagement. He no longer trusts women. When he runs into an over-protective mother and her non-verbal son, sparks fly and his opportunity for a family seems a possibility again. Looking for excuses to spend more and more time with Kira, Grant educates himself about autism. Just when he thinks he has gotten past her protective walls, Kira confronts him with proof of a son he never knew he had. To get the family he has always wanted, Grant has to learn to follow his heart.

I hope you enjoyed the brief blurb and look forward to being able to share the release date. Enjoy the Valentine's Day.


Vonnie Davis said...

I'm just a shade further along in the publishing process than you. I've just received the release date for my first contracted book. Enjoy every moment of the ride. You've worked hard to get here, relish every feeling. Best of luck in the sale of a book that sounds marvelous.

Sheila Tenold said...

Emma, congratulations on reaching another milestone in your writing career! Crashing Hearts sounds like a story I would enjoy reading.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Congratulations, Emma, and good luck!

Joanne said...

Your book sounds like a winner. Thanks for sharing, and a Happy Valentine's day to you, too.

Jill James said...

Emma, awesome sounding story. Crashing Hearts sounds like a winner! Congratulations!