Thursday, September 26, 2013

A SEAL Wolf Christmas is Howling for YOU!!! And Book Plates are Available!

Yep, it’s out and the wolves are all thrilled… until the she-wolves find that hunky Bjornolf has Anna on his team. She’s hard-charging and take-no-prisoner kind of she-wolf, so, ladies, be forewarned. Look and drool, but don’t touch. :)

Wolves howl in Moscow zoo at winter
I have to mention here that a woman was talking about ancient seals and I was like huh??? She wasn’t talking about Navy SEALs of course, or old, old seals with flippers, but the kind that would seal an envelope. Anyway, I think we all prefer the SEAL wolves, don’t we?? Hoooah! :)

Can an Alpha Wolf Who’s Met His Match…
Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson has had tough missions before, but going undercover with feisty gray wolf Anna Johnson could top the list. She drives him crazy—in more ways than one. Now he has to investigate a murder, supervise a wild teenage wolf—and handle Christmas with Anna.

Survive the Holidays with Her?
For Anna, the only thing worse than staging the perfect family Christmas is having to do it with Bjornolf posing as her husband. Anna is a serious undercover operative who isn’t afraid of a fight, even with a hunky SEAL shifter. With a killer on the loose, Anna just wants to focus on their mission, but the one thing she can’t fight is her sizzling chemistry with Bjornolf.

Buy links:
Barnes and Noble
Indie Bound
Powell’s Books

Also I've made up book plates, so if you have some of my print books and would like autographed book plates, I'll send them!

Aren’t they beautiful?
fae autographed book platesHighland autographed book platesJaguar autographed labelsromance autographed book plateswolf pack autograped signature
If you need some, just send me an SASE.
terry spear @ ymail (dot) com

When you send me the SASE, just add a note saying which you need and the quantity! :)

Are YOU ready for Christmas? Don’t let anything get in your way! :)
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


Ana Morgan said...

Your book plates are lovely, Terry.
Congratulations on the new release. I pre-ordered it months ago.

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