Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lemons into lemonade

I'm taking a break from mysteries and focusing on my alternative America series, a group of books I've been working on (off and on) for a few years.

I love this universe and these characters, so it's like coming home for me. I recently took a quick trip which involved a lot of driving, and while I was doing that, I had uninterrupted time to simply think about my characters, my plots, and the arcs for the books.

This was such a luxury for me. It made a 10-hour drive (round trip) into an astounding, marvelous experience. I barely noticed the time passing because I was occupied with thinking -- without interruption, without distraction. The driving was easy (very little traffic, cruise control most of the time) and I had beautiful scenery.

A trip I was somewhat dreading turned out to be ultimate lemonade. Here's hoping you can have a similar experience (and often!) It's so refreshing!

30 books and counting

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Ana Morgan said...

I have had ah-ha insights while driving a long distance on freeway. No stoplights to break the inner concentration. It's great, and I'm glad it works for you, too, JL.