Sunday, January 26, 2014

Books and Bears!! And a SALE to Sourcebooks!

Another book sale
This makes #16 in the popular werewolf series and we’re back to Silver Town and the Silver wolf pack in the Christmas adventure!

Today’s Book of the Day is a Historical Romance novel by USA Today bestselling author, Terry Spear, and it’s 80% off for a limited time. Taming the Wild Highlander has a 4.4 star rating and is on sale for only 99 cents – save $4!
“Ms. Spears really knows how to craft a story and this one is a winner in my book.” D.C. – Amazon Reviewer

Taming the Wild Highlander
by Terry Spear
Rating: 4.4 Stars
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $0.99 save $4
Taming the Wild Highlander – Sony Reader
USA Today Bestselling Author
Edana Chattan senses concerns where people she knows could be in danger. When her brothers warn her they’re in trouble, she can’t convince her father to listen to her, so with an escort, she tries to locate them. Separated from her escort during a storm, she is discovered by Angus MacNeill, who is tasked to return her home.
Only Edana has other notions–and convinces him and his companions to allow her to use her abilities to locate her brothers who are manacled in a dungeon somewhere. That leads to a faux marriage and more dungeons and more trouble than Angus had ever thought possible. So why is the bewitching, fiery-haired lass making him think of marrying her for real?

in the dead of night 3664x3664 (800x800)
In the Dead of the Night is now in audio book format!

Shadow Elf 800x800
The Shadow Elf  is in audio book now!

Campbell Clan Bear is done!
And I have 3 more orders for Australia!
 Best Friends Purple Sweater Bear

 Happy Birthday Blue Sweater Bear
 Pink Hearts Sweater Bear
And I finished Jaguar Pride!!!
In other words, I’ve written THE END!!! I love when that happens. I’m halfway done with editing it–which is the advantage of editing as I write because it’s not a totally rough draft. Some have to write the book first and then edit or they’ll get stuck editing and not writing. For me, I would be way over word count when I didn’t flesh out my scenes until after I wrote the book. :)
Jaguar Pride the end (640x425)
And then I’m working on 13 blogs for the blog tour for Silence of the Wolf!
Silence of the Wolf:
Book 13
(March 2014)
And because I don’t have enough to do, I started bird watching.

But… I had to take a break, so see what I did on my break?
I took pictures! I read about another author who had bird feeders out and so she got a new camera and took some fun pictures of the birds and squirrels, and I thought how cool! And another friend tells me how she’s always refilling her bird feeders in snow-buried Minnesota, so I thought I would get some bird feeders too. Only nothing’s feeding at them.  I realize from this I’m rather impatient. LOL
Still, the winds were so high, they scattered finch seed from the feeder on the patio, and I had white crowned sparrows feeding. And my male cardinal came down also.
white crowned sparrow2
The female cardinal usually hides, but this evening, she was out with the male, and they were dying to come down and eat some of the sunflower and other seeds I put out for them today. Here is the cardinal in a pear tree. :)
cardinal pear tree
And here is the female. He joined her when I came out to take a picture of them, but I missed capturing them together.
IMG_4618 (640x427)
So do you have feeders out and if so, what kinds of birds are you getting?

We have frigid winter and high winds back so right now, I’m getting ready to work some more on Jaguar Pride edits. Hope to have it done by the end of the week!

And then, it’s time to work on all those interviews and guest blogs (13), read the rest of the Rita books (8) plus I’m making up a couple of raffle baskets for Romantic Times Convention!

How do I do it all and actually get it done? I set goals, prioritize, and whittle down the things on deadline. Every time I got too tired of editing Jaguar Pride, ie, I was just reading but not looking for mistakes, I'd take a break and work on interviews, then go back to Jaguar Pride. Or take a break and stare at the feeders, wondering where the birds were. Every night before I go to sleep, I read on a Rita book. And bears, I'll throw on some Supernatural or Castle, and take a break to work on the bears. So it all gets done. All have deadlines. All in March. And I aim to get everything done way before that, and jump on the next projects! :) And it works!
Oh, and I’ve had 3 things go out on me in the past week–my microwave, computer, and now a floor heater. That’s it for a while now, right? 3 things is the max? Right?

Have a super great day!!!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”


Jo Grafford said...

Thank you for sharing a peek into a day in the life of Terry Spear! Congratulations on your newest sale. I'm sure the bird watching provides a much-needed balance to your busy life, a way to decompress when you need to. You inspire me.


woolfcindy said...

Just reading about everything you do makes me tired. You go girl.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Jo, and Cindy!!!

My computer had crashed and when on my laptop, I couldn't get logged in to comment. Go figure. I could log in to post. :)

Yes, taking pictures is definitely a fun hobby and it makes doing posts fun too!!

Evelyn Timidaiski said...

Terry, I'm new to this site and reading your post was like one of my nightmares. (meant in a good way) Girl where do you get the energy? Congratulations on the sale-I love wolf books. My Native American Novel has a wolf as a Warrior Spirit and the hero. If I can figure out how to add pictures I'll show you some of my bird photos. Evelyn

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