Monday, February 21, 2011

Blame the Name

Several months ago, a friend and I were discussing her new group of chickens and options for names. She despaired of finding the right name for the supposed leader of the coop. "She's a bossy redhead," Trisha told me. Ummm...hello? Did you really have to look any farther for the perfect name? After gales of laughter, Gina the Chicken was christened. There isn't anyone I know who doesn't immediately connect "bossy redhead" with me and by extension, the name Gina. But honestly? Fate had it in for me from the start. Let's pull out the baby books and analyze my real name, shall we?

First name: Victoria, means conqueror, victorious
Middle name: Regina, means queen
Now, ain't that a lot of name to live up to? What were my parents thinking? But let's continue.
My maiden name: Rean, means spear
And I married into the name: Ardito, which (according to my late father-in-law) means harsh warrior.

I ask you: Do you really expect someone whose name means victorious harsh warrior queen with a spear (or however you want to splice them together) to be timid, reserved, and mousy?

One of my favorite research books is called The Secret Universe of Names. This book takes me a few steps deeper into the realms of "bossy redhead." Victoria is "...the champion of right, the first to point out shortcomings in others but also the first to give support when it's needed." And Regina has a "...well-deserved reputation for her strong sense of moral direction and a superior attitude to boot."

Yep. That's me. Think I'm making this up? Read through the comments as the day progresses. I'll be pointing people who know me over here. They'll vouch for me.

But, hey! It's not my fault. Blame the Name.

What does your name say about you?


Anonymous said...

First name Katherine (pure)
Middle name Mary (Bitter)
Name my parents always called me Kay, which is apparently a boy's name in some cultures, though in Greek it means glory. Last name I was born with Springsteen, and I have no idea what that means, since if you google it, all you get is Bruce :-) Name I married into Tate (pleasant and bright). So why I'm not a purely bitter cross gender dresser with a gloriously bright sense of humor, I have no idea. But I'm a straight up roll with the punches kind of gal. Fun exercise!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Jennifer means "fair one".

I do have nice skin... LOL

Debora said...

Debora: Queen Bee

'nuff said. :)

Moira said...

My real name has become quite interesting to research over the years. In Buddhism, Māra is the demon who tempted Gautama Buddha ..but this is the one most commonly used - The meaning of the name Mara is Sea Of Bitterness

Unknown said...

OMG, you have certainly lived up to your name. LOL

I haven't found you to be critical though--maybe I haven't been around you enough, but you're definitely a supportive friend. Regardless of how mean you may be, I still love you. :-)

I'll have to check out my names and see if they live up to my personality. And I'll certainly have to get a copy of that book.

Nice to have you here.

Tuere Morton said...

'Tuere' means 'sacred' and whenever I tell my patients this(whomever asks that is), they seem to feel ALL the more happy about me taking care of it's divine or something. Cool post ;)

Dawn Brown said...

My name means sunrise. Nothing shocking there.

Silke said...

Mine is swedish, for "Silk".
It really is that simple. :)
(And yes, that IS my real name.)

Nina Croft said...

I'm sort of victorious as well - My first name - Nicola - means victory to the people. I'm not bossy though - honest.

Josie said...

What's in a name? Well, my maiden name meant "little sheep" in Italian. :)