Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sunday was my anniversary. After a year of ups and downs and some major stress, this year's anniversary was especially special for me. We spent the day at my favorite place to de-stress -- the ocean. As a child I visited this beach along Maine's coast all the time. As a teenager, I continued to go there and now as an adult I find that through stressful times, this is my spot to de-stress.

The sound of the waves is therapeutic for me. Over the years I have dealt with all kinds of curve balls into my life and yet through it all, I am the calmest when I visit the ocean. So much that the Maine coast has been in every one of my books that I have written. And so much like me, it is a de-stressor for my heroines.

There is nothing like clearing your head, or finding clearer thinking, as you walk along the edge of the water, the waves gently lapping the sand at your feet or sitting on rocks listening to the waves crash over the rocks. I have found peace through tough challenges, great story lines and just a sense of well-being while at the ocean.

So as you journey through life, ups and downs, where is it that you go to de-stress? Does this place enter into your writing?


Mona Risk said...

Hi Emma, I do the same to de-stress, walk along the beach and watch the ocean, but I prefer warmer climates such as Florida. I often find my inspiration while strolling on the sand.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Walking along the edge of the ocean definitely helps me de-stress, Emma. I've also found peace in the mountains, especially when visiting waterfalls.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

You state my sentiments exactly. I grew up close to Bodga Bay, CA. In those days gasoline was cheap so every Sunday we took the half hour drive to the Ocean. Playing in the mudflats, finding shells on the beach and just letting the wind blow your hair, is heaven. Every now and then I need to stand at the edge of the Pacific Ocean and just inhale the salt air. One of my favorite memories with one of my best friends is when we would sit at the edge of the ocean and stare at the waves going back and forth. WOW seems I need to take another trip. I live in the mountains now so it is a bit longer to get there, but well worth it.

Jill James said...

I love walking on the beach. The sound of the waves is white noise to clear your head. You can selfishly think of nothing while you are at the beach, looking at waves, listening to gentle sounds.

Josie said...

Happy belated anniversary. Walks are so calming, and hopefully you were able to destress. Wait until you've been married 36 years!