Monday, April 25, 2011

Timing is everything

I was chatting with a co-worker today about this. Our office moved to a new location and it added to his commute. But if he leaves his house 5 minutes earlier, there's no impact at all. If he leaves at his old time, then WHAM: he's stuck.

Timing is everything, isn't it? What was a tragedy yesterday is a matter of humor today. That book you wrote yesterday that no one thought would make it is now a hot commodity because it features talking animals who take over the world (hey: who would have thought zombies and Jane Austen could mix?) Timing is everything about your pitch (at National Conference) -- did the agent/editor when s/he is tired, happy, sad, or upbeat? I can go on and on, but you know it's true: getting published is a matter of luck, perseverance, luck, talent and timing. Yes, luck twice. Because it really is like getting hit by lightning, at least the first time.

Whenever I find myself swamped (as I often am. Let's face it: I work full-time. I have 5 books releasing this year, three in May/June/July. I just sold my house. I just bought a house 300 miles away. I'm out of town 3 of the next 6 weekends. I'm editing a book to submit. I'm packing. It's garden season. I'm packing) I just figure: "how will this look a year from now?" It's like dipping into my own private time capsule. Just kick back for a second, close your eyes, and think: 'what will tihs be like a year from now.'

Then I start to laugh and pick up whatever has me annoyed and tackle it. You know why I laugh (okay. Sometimes I just smile)? Because I know I won't remember this grievance in six months, much less a year. There will be a vague cloud of "man, that was tough!" but it won't weigh me down then. So why should I let it weigh me down now?

Time to pack that next box. Enough relaxing!


Jill James said...

J L, thanks for a great perspective on worrying. Sometimes we need to just step back and view the long road ahead, not just the rock in the road in front of us.

Josie said...

Well said. Best to say to yourself "This, too, shall pass".

Congrats on your books, and best wishes on your move.