Friday, October 14, 2011

Too much TV, too little time.

A problem has arisen in recent years at my house that can be described as DVR disease. The problem is this:

1. I like to watch TV and have several shows that I follow.

2. I have a digital video recorder that I use to collect episodes of these shows so I can watch them when convenient.

3. Every once in a while I end up on vacation for more than a few days. While I'm gone my faithful DVR continues to collect the shows I like to watch.

The result is that I will come home to a DVR full of backed up shows... and now I'm two weeks or so out of sync with as many as two or three episodes of each series recorded. And of course I can't watch the most recent show until I'm caught up so by the time I finish off episodes of one series I can have as many as four episodes of another one queued up.

Hence the problem. How to deal with this and still get anything else done.

It isn't easy.

Sometimes I will make the decision that I don't like a show all that much. This is often when a show will slip off my "must watch" list, when I'm four episodes behind and can't find the time to catch up. I have to ask myself, just how much do I care about this program?

The good news is that eventually I will finish all outstanding episodes and have a nice clear DVR with only the most recent week's episodes waiting to be watched. And this state usually will last for quite a while...

Or until the next time I go out of town.



Mona Risk said...

I don't have this problem! I only watch Gray's Anatomy when it's on. Recently I started watching PANAM. My DH keeps the TV on all day on CNBC to watch the financial news. And I hear him curse now and then.

Sheila Tenold said...

We have a DVR too, Janet. And, yes, I do record a couple TV series. However, I'm a fickle viewer. If the dialogue isn't topnotch I cancel the series. My main reason for watching TV series is 1) snappy dialogue, and 2) good plot twists. I recently cancelled a new series after episode one when the heroine foolishly put herself in great physical jeopardy for no logical reason. A former police detective would never do this.

Josie said...

We have a DVR, also. Although we have several TV's throughout the house, we watch TV very rarely. In fact there are weeks that go by where we never turn the TV on.