Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Darts and Escargot, Anyone?

I spent thirty-four of my education career years in Seattle, Washington.  Think rain and green.  Slugs proliferate in Washington, the ugliest slow-crawlers in the world, naked (without shells) and squishy underfoot.  They come in every color, large and small, some solid and some spotted. 

When we moved to California’s Central Coast, I had no idea that the slugs would follow us in a different form.  Sure enough, we have slugs here in CA, but they travel in their home shells, neatly covered so they look less naked.  Clothed.  Contained.  Proper.  And, guess what…edible! The typical California snail, the Helix is the type genus of the family Helicidae. The best-known species include Helix aspersa, the common, or brown garden snail, which is edible, and Helix pomatia, the Roman snail or Burgundy snail, also edible.
Yes, snail protein abounds in CA.  As I type this blog message I’m gazing at my orange tree, aware that hundreds of edible snails are crawling around on its leaves.  In fact, we Central Coasters agree that we’ve never witnessed snails in such huge numbers as we’ve seen this year.
Now, my husband loves escargot, so he could live off the little guys for some time.  Me?  Not so much.  The butter and the garlic they’re bathed in isn’t bad, but the rubbery texture of escargot puts me off. 
Typical romance writer that I am, the sex life of an edible snail does interest me. Not only are snails bisexual, but they throw love darts at each other.  They are reproducing like mad in my garden (love darts shooting everywhere!) and slowly chomping away at my orange tree.  Anybody want a truckload of edible snails?  Rolynn

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Rolynn Anderson said...

Hellooooo out there. No takers on free snails? Rolynn

Mona Risk said...

Hi Rolynn, I love escargot, well-cooked with garlic. I spent a year going back and forth to Seattle and loved it, especially the Puget Sound, the Pike Market, and Nordstrom Outlet!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Yay, Mona. You've always been the adventurer. I wonder why we can snack down on escargot, but noone would ever consider eating a PNW banana slug. Yuuk!

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I loved the title of your post, so had to stop by. No thanks, I'll pass on the snails. The love darts interest me, though. If only getting a man's attention was half as easy...hmm...a storyline is brewing. Thanks, Rolynn!!! Gotta go..."Chapter One"...When the dart pierced his neck...

Rolynn Anderson said...

Vonnie, I expect a commission when the story sells...kidding. I'm so glad I got your imagination brewing and a story on the cusp! Rolynn