Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May is Blooming

Not in my garden! I have a black thumb. Nothing I plant grows. I always tell my kids they are lucky they survived childhood because everything I try to grow; dies. :)

No, my writing and producing books is blooming. I have two self-published books out, one out in a couple of weeks, and the paranormal romantic suspense, the book of my heart will be out by month's end. Dangerous Shift is the story I always wanted to write when I decided to pursue writing as a career. It is hot and sexy, scary and dangerous, and totally out of the box according to my husband. LOL After that I will start plotting a new series about a single mommies club and my zombie romance.

So, by the end of May I will have two more books on my virtual shelf, with more coming soon. These days I feel like I have a barren lawn and the little sprouts are popping up here and there, the green so noticible among the brown, more of them every day. Not a green, sweeping fairway, but the promise of one.

I'm very much a creature of seasons. Winter and I are not friends. I read alot, not write alot. I hibernate until spring arrives with warmer weather and pretty flowers and blooming trees. This year I feel like I might have the growing thumb after all, only for books and stories, not plants and trees.

Is there a time of year that your writing blooms?

Jill James, author of Tempting Adam and The Second Chances series at Amazon and BN.com


Sheila Tenold said...

Good post, Jill! I don’t have a best season for writing. But this time of year our springtime seesaws between gloomy gray skies or inviting warm and sunny days. The sunshine draws me outside to tend my garden, weeding, watering, and repotting. Yes, I admit to having a green thumb which my husband envies. When the marine layer blankets us again into dreary mode I’m back at my PC, wood shutters closed against the gloom, lost in the world of words.

Jill James said...

Sheila, envy you that green thumb. My mom had an awesome gardening gene that she did not pass on to me.

Josie said...

Because I'm a teacher, it seems that September/October are always good and productive writing months for me.

Jill James said...

Josie, I like September/October too. In Northern California those are beautiful, awesome months.