Monday, May 20, 2013

Meeting an Author

I worked at a craft fair last weekend and to my great fortune, my "neighbor" was a romance author.

She is writing a Christian Fiction Romance series set in the late 1800's American west. The heroine in each of her five (so far)  Newly Wed books has joined up with a wagon train of mail order brides.

By mid-afternoon, the number of shoppers had dwindled to a few browsers, so I started to read Sky's Bridal Train. She told me she'd written this story for herself, and then her children insisted she try to get it published. A small Christian press in Oklahoma accepted it. And I can see why--it is really quite good!

Her "Meet the Author" book-signing booth was tasteful and inviting: stacks of books, a one-page B&W handout listing her five titles and blurbs, a doll-house log cabin to draw names for a free-book. The niftiest promo item she had was one I'd not seen before: a banner that raised up out of a holder that rested on the floor and was held up by a six-foot tall arm. It was like a narrow upside-down screen for home movies or slides.  The banner displayed each of her covers with lovely feminine colors--very professional and eye-catching.

I'm gonna get me one of those banners some day.


Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

It's always nice to meet a fellow author, Ana. Good of you to mention her here.

morgan said...

I am trying to picture this banner. Is there any chance you took a photo? :)