Saturday, December 14, 2013


My suspense/romance, LIE CATCHERS makes its KDP debut on December 27, with its free days February 11-15.  Now, the free days sound well-placed (around Valentine’s Day), but how in the world will I bring attention to a book that says ‘look at me!’ at such a busy time in everyone’s lives?

Add more challenges: this is my first KDP/free days experience.  One of the reasons I took the responsibility of collating all that information about KDP and free days (for Wild Rose Press) was to make use of it myself.  Holy cow, the pressure’s on to follow my own directions!

So what would you do in my situation regarding my date of release?  Wait to do the happy dance after New Years Day or go ahead and build some buzz before December 27 (which is what we usually do before a release)? 

Your advice, my friends?

Two unsolved murders will tear apart an Alaska fishing town unless a writer and a government agent reveal their secret obsessions.

Treasury agent Parker Browne is working undercover in Petersburg, Alaska to investigate a money scam and a murder. His prime suspect, Liv Hanson, is a freelance writer struggling to save her family’s business. Free spirited, full of life, and with a talent for catching liars, she fascinates Parker.

Trying to prove she’s a legitimate writer who cares about Petersburg’s issues, Liv pens a series of newspaper articles about an old, unsolved murder. When her cold case ties in with Parker’s investigation, bullets start to fly.

Parker understands money trails, and Liv knows the town residents. But he gave up on love two years ago, and she trusts no one, especially with her carefully guarded secret. If they mesh their skills to find the killers, will they survive the fallout?


Rolynn Anderson said...

Yippee! I found a 'twin' writer with the same release day and free days...we will stand shoulder to shoulder on this challenge!

Babette James said...

Hi Release Day Twin! I'm going with somehow building some buzz for my contemporary romance Summertime Dream before, perhaps a countdown, and then doing some steady varieties of promo from the release date onwards. The plus side of the 27th is people have gift cards to spend on books :)I'm definitely looking for new promo suggestions.

Robena Grant said...

Make that triplets! I also have a December 27th release.

It's a tough time, but it might also be a good time. It's post holidays, people are relaxing, they may have a few holiday gift cards as Babette mentions. *grin*

I've planned a couple of blog posts/interviews. Sent out a couple of PDF's for reads/reviews. I may hire a tweeting service to blast it one day. Other than that I'll do the usual notices on social media and hope for the best. I'm putting most of my promo dollars on the free days.

Ana Morgan said...

It sounds like you all have this figured out. People have time off, do a lot of digesting, and spending of gift cards. Wishes for enchanted sales!