Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why doe some chapters write themselves....

... while others are like pulling teeth?

I am 5 chapters away from finishing the 3rd book on my 3-book volume of my 3 volume set (yes, 9 books total). I set an arbitrary deadline of Dec. 31 to finish this 3rd book, and I have 5 chapters to go, but it is like sloughing through mud to get them written.

When I do write, it's going great. I'm pleased with each chapter as I finish it, but it's so hard to get the words out. It may be because I've been working, nose to grindstone, for several months on this and the end is now in sight. That's the "reluctant to finish" syndrome every writer knows.

I think it's because I'm not as close to this set of characters as I was with the others. The books follow two couples through a major journey and I'm working on the "secondary" couple right now.

Or I may just be brain weary. I'm not sure.

But I WILL finish this book by Dec. 31. I promise.

I'll report back later and let you know how close I am.

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Rolynn Anderson said...

YIPPEE! Found out my friend Babette James also has a Dec. 27 release! Nice to know others share the challenge!