Thursday, April 10, 2014

Deadline -- met!

I always set a personal deadline when I write books. I find I work better with a deadline. I try to do a first draft in 3 months. That might be a rough, ugly, draft, but it's done in 3 months.

I was 5 days late this year for my first WIP. Of course, I have reasons for it -- family was visiting, I was in the hospital, etc. So I'm pleased. It was a race to the wire to get those last pages done, but it's finished.

Now I'm doing first-round edits, then I'll let it sit for a while before re-reading it again. So I'm in the "almost done but not quite" phase and "what will I work on next" phase. It's like when I work in the garden: I can't work on that now (because the ground is still somewhat frozen) so what will I work on next? Mapping it out in my head and then *maybe* following that plan later.

Spring -- time to start new things, right? Perfect timing!

(30 books and counting)

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Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Good for you, JL. Enjoy the accomplishment and dream up something new.