Monday, April 14, 2014

TO AUDIO OR NOT TO AUDIO by Rolynn Anderson

Scene: Condo Fitness Center in Mauna Lani, the Big Island.  I’m puffing away on a stairmaster when a guy comes in, hops on the treadmill next to me, says hello, downs liquid energy from a tiny bottle and starts walking.  Turns out he’s a talk-show radio man (great voice!) from Seattle.  I blurt: “You do audio books?”  Turns out he’s retiring and wants to read for audio books among other projects.  “I’ll be cheap,” he says.

So I have this guy’s phone number and I don’t know what to do with it.  Tell me, my author friends.  How many of you are shelling out money for audio books?  At what point in a writer’s career is this a smart move?  How much does it cost for a high-priced reader?  What might I pay for a ‘cheap’ reader?
Is there a whole new set of social networking avenues for selling audio books (meaning I’ll have to double my promo efforts)?

Help me out, buds!

Sidenote:  LIE CATCHERS released worldwide this month, in all formats.  Yippee!  Here are the Amazon and Wild Rose Press buy sites:


Two unsolved murders will tear apart an Alaska fishing town unless a writer and a government agent reveal their secret obsessions.

Treasury agent Parker Browne is working undercover in Petersburg, Alaska to investigate a money scam and a murder. His prime suspect, Liv Hanson, is a freelance writer struggling to save her family’s business. Free spirited, full of life, and with a talent for catching liars, she fascinates Parker.

Trying to prove she’s a legitimate writer who cares about Petersburg’s issues, Liv pens a series of newspaper articles about an old, unsolved murder. When her cold case ties in with Parker’s investigation, bullets start to fly.

Parker understands money trails, and Liv knows the town residents. But he gave up on love two years ago, and she trusts no one, especially with her carefully guarded secret. If they mesh their skills to find the killers, will they survive the fallout?


Wendi Sotis said...

I have just signed a contract with a narrator today for the first time!

So far, it has been very easy to go with ACX so far(Audiobook Creation Exchange through Amazon.) I chose the Royalty Share option, which costs the author nothing up front. The royalty on all audiobooks sold will be shared 50/50 between me and the narrator.

First the author uploads an audition script script and selects what type of voice she's looking for - for example, I wanted a female with a general American accent.

The script is about 2 pages of your book. I'm told most choose the first couple of pages, but I chose a sample from the middle of the manuscript that would demonstrate how she performed both male and female voices and some text.

Within the next few days, narrators will upload auditions. Then, you have to choose - a difficult decision to make!

Good luck with your decision! I'll be interested in seeing the answers to the rest of your questions.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Ahh, Wendi, I've been following your venture. Very exciting. I'll pull together all I learn and share it when I have something. Since Wild Rose holds my media rights for 3 books, I can only do this on my self-pubbed or am I wrong on that?

Angela Adams said...

Rolynn, I have nothing constructive to add to your dilemma -- but I would like to offer my congratulations on your fabulous opportunity (smile!)

Wendi Sotis said...

It depends - you'll have to read your contract very carefully. Some publishers don't have the rights to audiobooks and others do.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Hi, Rolynn! I've been toying with going audio with my books. I'm curious if those who've gone before us thinks it's worth it.

Rolynn Anderson said...

I'm still trolling for info...will get back to you!