Saturday, June 14, 2014


My first book signing in a Petersburg, AK, bookstore was a smashing success!  Not only did I sell every LIE CATCHERS book I brought along (43) but I sold ten of my other three books!  53 is the final number of books sold! 

The day was magic.  KPLZ radio blasted my interview all day long and the weekly newspaper came out on Thursday morning with my picture and an interview in it.  Posters announcing the event were tacked on bulletin boards all over town for weeks, too.  And it was a sunny, no-wind day in beautiful Petersburg, Alaska.  Buyers were lined up to buy my book by 1:00 and I had a steady stream of people show up in the next two hours.  Enough people in town had read LIE CATCHERS and passed the word around it was a fun read, but many came to talk to me about the way I’d handled the 1932 cold case murder of Sing Lee.  People in Petersburg love their town and its rich history.  Earl added LIE CATCHERS to his library of 600 books on Alaska.  Nina, the town’s only Rhodes scholar, is a mystery buff, excited to read one rich with her city’s history.  Brenda, the owner of a local gift shop, came because she is a Tlingwegian (offspring of a Tlingit native and a Norwegian), the heritage of my heroine in LIE CATCHERS.  

We cruised away from this lovely town, warmed by memories of a dream book signing.  Petersburg has made me feel like an authentic author, giving me the impetus to write my next book!

If I don’t comment on this blog right away, it means I can’t get to an Internet during my time on the boat.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I reach civilization.  Happy Summer!  Rolynn

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