Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Unknown benefits of conferences

I just got back from a very good conference (Rom Con) in Denver. I had a good time, met a lot of readers, and re-connected with some friends I met last year.

Some conferences can be real drains on energy (RWA, for example) and some are real boosts. This is a Boost conference because I have a chance to kick back, relax, and connect with readers. I played all sorts of silly games, some with big name authors (Heather Graham, Cherry Adair) and some with readers. It was a lot of fun and here's the benefit of conferences like this:

Readers are why I write, and sometimes it's easy to forget that. But when I saw how excited people were about my current book (below) and new books coming out, I was excited, too. I forgot about the work it takes to get it there. It's all about the book and the reader, and I am the connection between the two.

I plan to savor that memory when I'm on deadline to get a book done.

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Janet Miller said...

Hi JL,

I haven't tried Rom Con, but I've heard good things about it. Some year I'm going to try out these smaller conferences and see if maybe they are a better fit for me than just heading to the biggies like RWA and RT.

Thanks for the positive take.

Janet Miller