Friday, July 25, 2014

I can almost hear the voices -

shouting to be heard at RWA National Conference.

I didn't go this year. Haven't gone for a few years, and may not go for a few more. Very pricey and often inconvenient for me to get to.

But I will go to another one, someday, and I want to see if it's as LOUD as I remember. Thousands of women all in one place, talk-talk-talking. That's what I remember about the RWA conferences of the past.

I also remember the incredible energy of all those writers in one place. Many were pitching books, many were trying to pimp their books (you know what I mean) and many were just there to visit friends. It's like one big energy bundle all bottled up in one spot.

Yep. This is conference week and I feel a bit envious of those who are there. At least, I'm envious until I revel in the quietness of my home here in the woods.

I can almost hear the voices....


1 comment:

Ana Morgan said...

2,100 attendees.
That's a big number!
Lots of noise.