Saturday, October 25, 2014

The importance of a brain reboot

I'm heading off next week for a weekend retreat with some writing friends. We go to a casino, gamble, dish about publishing, brainstorm books, and generally have a great time.

I always come back from this retreat (7 years now) energized and ready to write. It amazes me how few people have this kind of writer contact. Either they don't have a writing chapter of an organization nearby, or they haven't been in contact with other writers.

I don't need this often, but sometimes it's a blast. There's two regular groups here at home that meet and I try to get to one or the other of those get-togethers every month. And this retreat is one that I look forward to every year. That, plus a few conferences, keep me fired up.

Now that we're heading into winter, it's even more important to get that mojo going. Too easy to slack off and relax. Nope, I won't be doing that!

J L Wilson

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Unknown said...

I so agree that these retreats are good for the creative soul. My pals and I used to do this every year or other year. One is now gone and life has changed for another so I doubt we'll do it again any time soon. But I really enjoyed those times.