Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hi all. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and hopefully not too crazy holiday season this year. I know my life is full what with shopping, decorating, and the like. I barely even managed to remember to blog!

I love the holidays which is why I've written so many stories that take place during them. There are Ghosts of Christmas Pasta story about a vampire looking for someone to keep him company on Christmas Eve, Perfect Heroa fantasy story about a game figure who pulls himself out of a computer screen to be with the game tester he loves, and Reflecting The Future about the first Christmas on a Martian mining colony. Even my Janet Miller personality has a Christmas book: Christmas With Sarah.

I hope everyone has a happy rest of the year. Take care!

Janet Miller/Cricket Starr


Mona Risk said...

Merry Christmas Janet. Have a great holiday.

Jill James said...

Hope you have happy holidays too. Love the covers.