Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Christmas was my favorite time of the year when I was a child.  Isn't it everyone's?  Even as my kids were little, I loved Christmas.  Seeing their faces when they opened their presents, the joy they had as they got older and buying gifts for people less fortunate then themselves.  It was a great time.

As time goes by, Christmas tends to stress me out more and more and I just don't enjoy it like I used to.  Trees are hard to find. We always cut our own, but I have developed an allergy to all Christmas trees except Scotch Pines.  They are becoming increasingly difficult to find and how I fight against having to get a fake tree.  Everything is so expensive.

This year as I sit in my living room looking at the bare tree, yet to be decorated, I remember the peace that comes with Christmas also. The evenings of sitting with the lights off, except for the lights on the tree, and just enjoying it. It really doesn't matter the amount of gifts around the tree, its the joy of always having my family close.  This year will be no exception as my oldest daughter travels from North Caroline to be home for the holidays.

The family grows this year with the addition of our first grandson who is just fascinated with the tree.  One of my fondest memories is of my kids being very little and sitting in front of the Christmas tree with just the lights on as we sang Christmas songs.  The simple things of being with family and just enjoying each other is really all I need for Christmas.  What's your wish for the Christmas season?


Sheila Tenold said...

My wish for Christmas has already come true. Our first grandbaby, a boy, arrived last month! So I join you, Emma, with a first grandson.

I, too, love to sit with only the Christmas tree lights on in our livingroom. This year we start new traditions which will become a part of our grandson's family memories.

Jill James said...

My Christmas wish already came true. Our Army son is coming home for Christmas. We visited him a few times in Texas but the whole family has not seen him since Septmeber 2010.

Emma Leigh said...

Both wonderful wishes to have already come true. Enjoy that grandson, Sheila. They are so precious and grow so quickly. Jill-enjoy your son. It's wonderful to be able to have him home for Christmas.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Hi, Emma. I also like the quiet times. Over the years, I've accumulated a collection of ornaments--many gifts. As I un-wrap each precious piece, I remember where the ornament came from or who gave it to me. Special memories. I'm wishing for a new house, but I'll settle for a peaceful holiday.

Congrats on the new grand-babies, Emma and Sheila. And on a visit with your son, Jill.

Merry Christmas!

Josie said...

It sounds corny, but peace and a calm Holiday season, without lots of shopping and craziness, sounds perfect.

Janet Miller said...

I'm getting my wish for my son and daughter to join us for the holidays. It will be just the four of us, but sometimes that's all you need.