Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mother's Day Babies

My latest novel, MOTHER’S DAY BABIES, was very appropriately released around Mother’s Day.
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The perfect gift for Mother's Day, only 99 cents
This book is dedicated to the mothers we celebrate and those we remember with love on Mother's Day.

Blurb: Widowed for seven years, Barbara Ramsay lives and breathes for her five grownup daughters and their babies. She's also used to chatting over the phone with her good friend, Lou. But why has he invited her to come to Paris with his TV Network crew?

Powerful News Director, Lou Roland is certainly not marriage material, yet he has suddenly decided he wants Barbara in his arms. Not an easy task when his pretty confidante from Kentucky proves so difficult to date--unless he follows her rules. Can the over-fifty confirmed bachelor and the widow loyal to her husband's memory find true love and share a future?

Mother’s Day Babies also raises an interesting question. What can a young father do when he’s eagerly expecting the birth of his first child and the mother blatantly announces, “He’s not yours!” just after the delivery?
Let Lou Roland, the hero of MOTHER'S DAY BABIES, tell you his feelings.

“Ten years later, we bumped into each other in Atlanta. You’d think that at thirty, I’d have been wiser.”

“You still held a flame for her?” In a way, Barbara was pleased to discover he was capable of loving a woman for that long.
“I was still an idiot. That’s what I was.” The bang on the desk startled her. Now at fifty-four, Lou resented his previous naïveté. “Jennifer moved in with me. But not for long. Later, she called to say she was expecting my child.”
“Ah, did you believe her?”

“Yes, and I was delighted to be a dad. I thought something positive has finally come out of our troubled relationship. You see I grew up in a very conservative home. My mother was a church-going lady, classy and generous. Just like you.”
His gaze roamed over her with appreciation. Barbara smiled at the compliment. That explained why Lou liked her.

“I wanted my child to have the good childhood I had.”
“So you married Jennifer?” Hoping he’d done the right thing, Barbara arched her eyebrows.

“She laughed in my face when I proposed and said she wasn’t ready for monogamy. I realized a marriage with her wouldn’t last long but I wanted to be part of my child’s life. Jennifer had no medical insurances so I immediately gave her a check and said I’d pay for the delivery and the baby’s expenses.”
“You were there when the baby was born?” Riveted by his story, she studied the thinning of his lips, and the sad little lines carved around his eyes.

“No. Jennifer had a knack for disappearing. She called when the baby was five-months old. I was furious to be deprived of my child’s first months and we had a fight. That’s when she screamed she wasn’t sure Monica was mine. She was sleeping with two other men at the time.” Disgust and rage churned in his eyes, now as gray as a tempest. “The girl has her mother’s looks. I wanted her to take a DNA test. Jennifer refused.”
“I can understand your frustration, your anger. But you kept contact with your daughter?”

“Only a few times over the years.” He shook his head. “Jennifer followed her lovers and only called me when she needed money.”
“No wonder you longed for a family life.” Now she understood why he never married.

“When she grew up, Monica was the one who called to ask for money. I made her promise to go to college and I paid her tuitions.”

For a chance to win a copy of MOTHER’S DAY BABIES, let me know your opinion: What should the young man do when the woman announces the child may not be his?
About the Author: From chemistry in the lab to chemistry between people.
As a director of chemistry, Mona Risk traveled to more than sixty countries on business or vacation. To relax from her hectic schedule, she avidly read romance novels and mentally plotted her own books. Eventually she left a scientific career to share with readers the many stories brewing in her head. Mona likes to set her stories in the fascinating places she visits.
Mona Risk’s books won Best Romance Novel of the Year at Preditors & Editors; Best Contemporary Romances at Readers Favorite; Epic Award Finalists; and many stellar reviews.

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Melissa Keir said...

I think that if the guy is a stand up guy and loves the woman, it wouldn't matter. He should offer to love her and her baby, no matter what!


Mona Risk said...

Hi Melissa, thanks for the answer. How we wish all men were gentlemen.

Mary Marvella said...

I agree. Does he love the mother? That is important, and the circumstances that made him think the kid was his.

Vamp Writer said...

This fellow wanted a family, even asked for a paternity test. She ran off, so if there is a "wrong" done I'd say she did it. I think women would have a better opinion of us if men behaved properly, in this case I think he did. If a man is truly in love with a woman and the baby might be his, I think he must do all he can to find and try to convince her to marry him so he can care for them both. It might not work out but at least he needs to do his best to make it work.

Unknown said...

Mona--I don't know what to say. If she blurted it out like Jennifer did, well, I think I'd back off. It would be tricky for the man. If he walks away, he may be seen as cruel and cold. If he pays up and hangs around, I say he's just asking for heartache. Not knowing would be the crux of the problem...tough question, for sure. I don't know what he should do.

Maggie Toussaint said...

I think he did the best he could. He wanted to be there for the mom and the baby, and the mom threw his offer back in his face. It must be so painful to have such heartbreak in your life, to know you have a child and can't have access to it.

Anonymous said...

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Ana Morgan said...

In the age of equality of the sexes, the victim is often the child. I think the father deserves the results of a paternity test--and access to his child. Still, all he can do is be there, stay strong, until the child might want a relationship independent of mom.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Mary, they were together for two years and she told him she was pregnant, then: "she screamed she wasn’t sure Monica was mine. She was sleeping with two other men at the time."

Mona Risk said...

I agree with you, Vamp Writer, and my hero tried to marry her but she refused. Please leave your email or a way to reach you.

Mona Risk said...

Yes Celia, it was heartache for him and the reason he distrusted women after that.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Maggie, in real life, I was inspired by a relative whose wife ran away with the baby and never let him see him, but kept asking for money if he wanted to talk to his kid. He never re-married.

Mona Risk said...

Well said, Ana. The child is often a victim, but he/she grows up ignoring or hating the never present dad.

Marianne Stephens said...

Tough to decide. If he loves the woman, does it really matter? Does he feel love for the child? That's what is important. The child has to feel wanted and loved. People adopt children and see no difference in whether the child grew from their genes or in their hearts.

Beth Trissel said...

Excellent question and your new story sounds really good too. I think it all depends on how much he loves her, and how deeply he may feel betrayed.

Unknown said...

Hi Mona,
Part of me would want to see him take her to court to force the paternity test, but only while the baby was very young. I realize his hope that she would return to him eventually probably kept him from doing that. Also, maybe he didn't want to be told the baby wasn't his. The doubt left him in a place where he could continue to hope she was his. The anguish of not knowing must have weighed heavily and taken a great toll on him over the years.

Anonymous said...

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