Friday, August 23, 2013

By Paisley Kirkpatrick
I love to give gifts and I always tell the person I am giving to that there are no strings attached and that I don't want anything in return. To me, giving is a beautiful part of life and I love to do it. Giving is also a way of grieving -- at least for me. When we lost our daughter to cancer eleven years ago, a dear friend told me in the olden days women would make quilts to help with grieving. I love to sew so gave it a try. It worked. Since our daughter died, I have made and given away 44 quilts in her honor. I pack them full of love and so far they've been received in the joy that I've given them.
I also love making small pillows, about the size of the ones we used to get when we flew on airplanes. I use the fabrics and leftover stuffing from the quilts to make these. They seem to be very popular with writers because they fit perfectly behind the back or neck. They are easy to put together in a few moments and the covers can be removed much like the cases on your nighttime pillows. I almost have more fun making these as they are just plain fun.
I hate to shop so being able to make gifts is so much easier for me. I always try to keep them on hand to send out or hand deliver when needed.
How about you? Do you have special gifts you like to give?


Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Your quilts and pillows are such thoughtful gifts, Paisley. Since I'm a gardener, I often gift plants or seeds or garden art. :)

Ana Morgan said...

Paisley, you are so thoughtful--even when, as the giver, you are blessed by the giving.
Dawn, I am also a gardener. I give fresh veggies in the summer, and dehydrated soup mixes in the winter. I also gift solar return astrology forecasts. Nourishing a visitor or friend's body--or soul--is a privilege.
I do try to avoid gifting zucchini, though.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Thanks, Dawn. I really love working with fabrics, especially bright colors. I am baned from plants - you see, I have these black thumbs...

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Thanks Ana - I love giving but always say my gift has no strings attached because I don't ever want anyone to feel obliged to send something in return. A gift to me is something given from the heart.