Monday, November 25, 2013

Letting go can be good

My mother was a master sewer and knitter. She used to make all our clothing (me and 2 sisters) as well as her own. Plus she knitted sweaters galore.

In later years, when we no longer needed or wanted sweaters, she still knitted & donated them to the church, which would raffle them off & give the money to charity. I can't tell you how many people in my home town have stopped me and commented on the sweaters they bought.

Mom died 3 years ago this month, and we had already donated the final sweaters she made to the church. But this year I decided to donate some of the sweaters she made me. I kept two: one she & I designed together using graph paper, and my Christmas sweater, an elaborate tree with beadwork on it, worn only on special occasions. The others: I'm taking to the church.

The Church Ladies were thrilled to learn there are 5 Marge Wilson sweaters available. I told them more would be coming because my nieces and my sisters are also going to donate some of theirs. It was a tough decision to let them go, but really, they're sitting in bags in my closet: it's time someone else can enjoy them!

Letting go can be tough, but it's also a good feeling. Keep that in mind if you have a manuscript tucked away somewhere.... this month I've been going through my dreaded "Maybe" folder (maybe I'll use this material someday). I've weeded out a lot but I'm keeping some.

It's tough but I feel a LOT lighter for it!

J L Wilson
(30 books and counting)

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Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I agree, JL. We are moving from a 3200 sq ft house in California to Wisconsin and at first I was having a dreadful, tear-filled tug at my heart at having to let go of several hundred books and various other things I considered mine for life. Now I have changed my attitude and figure it is a way of giving some of my treasures away to the people I want to have them when I can see them enjoy these belongings. My mother was an award-winning oil painter and I have given away several of her paintings instead of keeping them in a closet. It is now a good feeling to see the joy they are giving my dear ones.

ps: I know where they are if I feel the need to visit them, too. :)