Friday, April 25, 2014

Inching into spring

I am FINALLY seeing some green in the landscape around me. I'm in the Midwest and winter has been a long time going and spring is a long time coming. We're in that odd in-between place, the Ugly Time.

The fun thing is that I finished a manuscript and got a great idea for a new one, so I'm already starting it. I'm hoping to spend spring on that book, then in summer I have other books to work on. Plans, plans, plans. I don't have a lot of garden plans this year, but that always changes the first time I walk through a landscape nursery and see all the flowers.

It's nice to look ahead finally. Spring was so far off just a month ago, but now -- it's here! Get out there and enjoy it!

(30 books and counting)


Ana Morgan said...

Up in Park Rapids, J L, the rain turned to snow last night. Typical, but discouraging.

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

I'm loving Spring. I've been working outside part of the day on my laptop. Makes the muse happy. :) Enjoy the good weather, JL!