Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another summer, another summer book!

Yep, finally. My summer book is here and what perfect timing--a summer book for a vacation weekend.

I wrote this book for my sister, who (like me and my other sister) worked during the summer at an out-of-state resort. Our parents encouraged this when we were in college as a way for us to earn money and get some good life experience. The heroine in the book is a combination of me and my sister from that summer long ago. And the hero, Nate, well he's every girl's hero, I think. A combination of shy and bold, sweet and sexy. What's not to love?

So head over to my web site and check out the buying links for this book -- all kinds of ways to buy it, and all kinds of reasons to love it -- Emily and Nate have a story to tell, and I enjoyed telling it.


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Ana Morgan said...

Good luck with the new book, J L!