Friday, May 16, 2014

Update from the RT Book Lover's Convention

Hi all,

Hello from New Orleans, where it is a surprisingly temperate 73 degrees and very windy. In fact I might as well be in San Francisco, but I can walk along Canal Street to the Mississippi and watch very large boats float on a river instead of a bay. And there is the nice wrought iron work on the balconies of the buildings in the area.

I'm writing this post Thursday afternoon so it can be posted for Friday morning but will try and update later with more information.

On Wednesday night we went to Mardi Gras World for an event where I threw beads at a parade of conventioneers from in front of a float. Here is a picture of me dressed as a serving wench and loaded with beads. It was great fun. Just a few hours before I'd been dressed for the Intergalactic Bar and Grille, wearing slacks and a t-shirt with a cover on it. That's the thing about RT... you wear a lot of costumes.

Thursday night we did a pub crawl and then I ended up sitting at a table at the Saints and Sinners party Samhain sponsored. This time I wore a halo... slightly bent but then so am I on occasion, particularly after a pub crawl.

In last month's post I talked about my give-aways. I've almost run through all of the 400 finger lasers and 288 costume kits and am now rationing them to people I meet at the various parties and seminars.

I'm having a great time at the convention. I'll update on Saturday with more on the rest of the week.


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