Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do You Believe In Second Chances?

It’s funny, but every month just as I think I have nothing to blog about, something pops into my mind when I sit at the computer, and away I go.
This month is no exception. It isn’t directly writing related, but it can have a bearing on it.
It’s about a miracle that happened in my life at the end of 2010. I’d been having a bad time financially, a carryover from 2009, but towards the end of 2010 a shift occurred.
For the past five years I had belonged to an Australian financial education system teaching sound financial strategies. It was expensive and I felt I’d wasted by money because, unfortunately, I had done nothing with any of it. My five years was up and I had no way of ever getting back my privileges. My fault. I take full responsibility.
Towards the end of last year, I was listening to a webinar with a woman speaker known to us all, who said she had just banked money that would take her over the (AUD)$1m mark. I realised as she was speaking that she’d been in the organisation for five years—as long as I had.
It was a wake-up call. But how to find the money to rejoin?
About two weeks later, I got an email, saying that through someone else, I qualified for a FREE five-year scholarship to the organisation. I applied, and within three days had my scholarship confirmed and all privileges would continue seamlessly.
Talk about a miracle.
Now I listen to a lesson every day on the home study course, determined that this time I’ll get it right. I believe I got that scholarship for a reason, and I will make good the faith the Universe must have in me.
It was about that time that I realised that 2010 had gone on to get better as the year progressed. Other little things kept showing up for me—two book sales and a job change for starters.
Has anyone else had things like this happen, when you just know God is watching out for you even though you have been stupid?
Sorry to go off the writing track, but I just had to share with friends who would understand. It’s the kind of coincidence that would be called too far-fetched in fiction.
Thank heaven, it’s twenty eleven.


Clarissa Southwick said...

Congratulations on the scholarship, Drew. I know you'll make the most of it. Good luck!

Joanne said...

First, wonderful news about your scholarship. I suspect you'll be very busy in the next 5 years. Divine coincidences happen all the time, I believe.