Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sandra Cox

Today I am pleased to welcome mutlti-published author, Sandra Cox, who will tell us about her Most Unusual Lovers in her recent released romance novel, MOON WATCHERS

Do you and your significant other seem polar opposites? He likes sports, you loathe them? You love the ballet, he’d rather take a beating that watch dancers on their toes. Well believe it or not there’re lovers who have even less in common. Let’s take a look at my new book, MOON WATCHERS.

Blurb: Jolene Sayer has a serious problem. She’s afraid the guy she’s fallen for is a vampire. Under any circumstances, this isn’t a good thing. But when you’re a werewolf hunter and your cousin and uncle are vampire hunters, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

At that moment two wolves’ heads appeared in the window with glowing crimson eyes.
Braden arched a winged eyebrow.
I sighed. Even if I were more mentally nimble, it would be hard to convince anyone, especially Braden, those were ordinary wolves out there. “What gave them away? The glowing red eyes?” I asked sarcastically.
If Braden was indeed a vampire, he probably had no problem with the concept of Weres. And what a lovely thought, locked inside with a vamp while Weres howled and thumped outside at the door. It made a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
The thumping at the window grew more frenzied as another wolf, then another, threw themselves at the window.
“Just what did you do to piss these guys off?” Braden looked at me and marveled.
“I have no idea. But I certainly intend to find out.” I looked at my window and wrinkled my nose as rivulets of drool from the frenzied undead ran down the acrylic plastic.
My teeth clicked as I ground them together. I was used to fighting werewolves but I didn’t like the odds. There had to be a half a dozen at the window now and from the howls at the door that many more in the front.
I raised my sword in my right hand and my knife in my left as I plotted my strategy, or tried to. Unfortunately, my mind was blank.
“Hmm?” I couldn’t take my gaze off those red eyes and glistening fangs that jumped at the window. I sent a prayer to the powers that be for the thermoplastic synthetic resin windowpane and solid oak door to withstand the constant beating they were taking. What if those creatures kept it up all night? They have super human strength when the moon is full.
“Come here and lean against the door.”
“Why?” I stared at him, uneasy, and shifted my weight to the balls of my feet then rolled back on my heels. Even though just to look at him sent electric sparks surging through my system, I didn’t trust him and certainly didn’t want to be within fangs distance of him.
Beneath the casual pose I could feel the impatience that ran along his skin. He looked at me. That was all it took. I walked reluctantly and against my will toward him, pulled along by that powerful magnetic gaze. God, if he’s a vampire please let him be of the pranic variety. Just in case my prayer went unanswered I kept my sword and knife raised.
He looked at my weapons. A grin flashed across his face. “Lean against the door.”
I held my weapons and pushed my shoulder against it. As soon as I did, he walked to the window. Without his weight, the door vibrated harder than ever. I swear I felt a splinter in my arm.
His feet splayed, his fist on his hips, he stood with his back to me and faced the window. Power radiated from him. I could feel it like a cloak…or a shroud.
The wolves outside the window whimpered and back away.
Icy fingers of fear crawled up my spine. The hair on my neck rose. Moonlight pooled around his tall muscled body and threw a long black shadow across the floor.
Inch by inch the wolves backed up, whining, uneasy. The thumping at the door ceased.
What the--? This is way past weird. I don’t know of any pranics with this kind of power. I locked my wobbly knees and lifted my chin to fight against the trembles. I knew if I gave in to it, I would shake so badly, I’d bang against the door like those ravening werewolves were only moments before.
I waited, dreading the moment he would turn to face me. The seconds stretched.
He swung around. His mouth closed. Relief like a monsoon swept through me. At the moment, I didn’t think I could deal with the man of my dreams if he drew back his lips and exposed fangs.
“What are you? Who are you?” I asked through teeth that chattered.

Moon Watchers, the second in the Hunter Series, can be purchased in paper or e. Vampire Island, the first in the Hunter Series, can be purchased at:
Vampire Island is also available on Amazon and other e sites.

To celebrate the release of Moon Watchers, I’ll be running a contest from Jan 15 and Feb 2. The winner will be announced Feb 5. To enter just leave a comment at and mention Moon Watchers and Voices

What do you win?
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Sandra Cox said...

Wow, lots of familiar names and faces. How are you, ladies? Well I hope.

Mona dear, thanks so much for the invite.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Sandra's been so generous with these excerpts! I feel like I know her characters!

Joanne said...

Hi Sandra,
Another sincere wave from sunny SC! Your new release sounds like a must-read. I've been a fan of your writing from way back.
Best wishes for continued success.

Mona Risk said...

Sandra, your excerpt is lovely and your characters so appealing. Moon Watchers is on my list of TBR.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi, lovely Julia, thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate you.

Joanne, how nice to hear from you. Its been forever since we chatted. What are you working on now?

Dear Mona, thank you for all you do. Glad you liked the excerpt.