Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Whenever challenges face me, both mental and physical, I say to myself: “Rolynn, you opened (as a principal) a brand new high school…so you can do this fill-in-the-blank, too!”  Usually this call to arms has me straightening my spine, arranging my expression to determined, and forging ahead into the next scary unknown. 

Writing novels and getting them published takes enormous persistence and courage, but the out-of-the-box approach you have to take in order to craft a novel that sells, is the biggest challenge of all. 

Example: I’d never written a thriller, but decided to try one with my eighth novel.  It was the first novel I sold after ten years of pounding on my computer keyboard!

Never in a cyber-century could I have dreamed I could write a series, but I had to try.  The first book of the series was picked up by The Wild Rose Press in late 2011…it’s set to release in the summer of 2012.

Could I write a successful novel in first person after hearing how tough the task could be?  Why not throw in some normal paranormal elements?  Okay, I did that.  The final product, FEAR ITSELF is a first person paranormal that focuses on Post Traumatic Stress, so it’s timely, too.

How about setting a novel in the present juxtaposed to scenes from eighty years ago.  How in the world would I do that?  Could I solve a real (unsolved) murder that took place in 1932 at the same time I solved a made-up murder that happened last week?  Why not?

What if one of my novels doesn’t quite fit the categories of The Wild Rose Press.  Publish it myself?  Yes, I can do that.

Wild, isn’t it?  Am I nuts, or is every writer’s life like this?

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Vonnie Davis said...

My dear Rolynn, we must be sisters from another life. LOL After writing a contemporary romance, I wondered if I could write historical. Then a series of romantic suspense books niggled at my mind. Could I do that? I dug in my heels when a paranormal story crept from the dark recesses of my mind. I don't do paranormals...really...okay, so I'm on chapter five. It's almost as if I have to try writing everything. I chastise myself to find a niche and stick to it, but something in me keeps whipering, "What if you could write this, too?"

Josie said...

I wish you much success with your new series the WRP picked up. I'm sure it will be fun and fascinating to write.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Yes, Vonnie, we must be related. I know the challenge keeps our interest up and satisfies our competitive spirit, but you're right, it makes it tough for us to brand ourselves!

Thanks for your good wishes, Josie!

Susan Macatee said...

Rolynn, I'm going through much the same experience, but I'm playing it safe by experimenting with short stories. I write historical, Civil War set romances, a few with paranormal elements, but have been writing short first person contemporary romance for magazines to make some extra money. Since I seeem to be having a bit of success with this new genre, I'm thinking about branching out writing longer, third person contemporaries and I have ideas for different types of stories I want to try. Who knows where it will lead?

I even have an idea for a book that will be completely outside the box for me, but I want to give it a try.

Ana Morgan said...

Congratulation, Rolynn, on your upcoming release. It sounds right up my alley!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Susan, glad to hear you're another 'why not?' kind of writer. Don't ask me why, but all my suspense/romance novels end up being around 80,000 words. I can't help myself. I wish I could go short like you! Rolynn

Ana, thanks for the congrats. Let me tell you, the concept of a boutique funeral planner suspense/romance series has not been easy to sell because it doesn't fit the norm. I have persevered. Hope you like my stories! Rolynn

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Good luck with the new books, Rolynn. Sound like you enjoyed writing them. :)

Rolynn Anderson said...

Thanks, Dawn Marie. Writing/publishing/marketing is a roller coaster ride, for sure. I try to keep it fun.