Thursday, February 7, 2013

eReader Convert

I have a confession to make, though I thought I'd never succumb. I'm an e-reader convert.

Love my new eReader.

My husband gave me a Kindle DX for Christmas. Yeah, the one with the big screen. Probably the last one available on the continent, since it's discontinued.

With my weakening eyes, it's the perfect size.

Message to Amazon: You might want to reissue the DX, considering the baby-boomers are aging. Just a thought.

So…I've downloaded all my author friend's e-books I've been wanting to read. Didn't like reading them on my bulky big-screen laptop. (Theme here—weak eyes.) Oh, yeah, and did I mention the free books? You never know when you're going to find a new favorite author.

Besides the eReader is easier on my eyes.

However, I'll probably never fully give up traditional books. I just love the way they feel in my hands.

Oh, well, gotta run. I want to peruse the eBook on PhotoShop I downloaded to my Kindle. Maybe I can learn how to create eBook covers for my stories.


~Dawn Marie


Ana Morgan said...

E-readers are fun. MIne is small, but I can enlarge the fonts. My unsolicited opinion on free e-books--some are good, some are not. But the price is right!

Josie said...

I love my ereader, also. I admit I didn't want to make the switch, but it's so easy to use and portable.

Lois hamilton said...

Hi Dawn,
I got a Kindle for Christmas, too, but still not a convert...yet! Still love browsing and reading the physical books from the library but did finish one I successfully downloaded onto the latest (?) technology and loved the portability of it. It's pretty cool how you can get a book instantly and at any time of the day!
Miss you guys...any chance of seeing you soon?

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hey, Ana! Yeah, I'm having fun. I know what you mean about the free books. Some authors are using them to promote their other books.

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Portable is good, Josie. It will be great to travel with. :)

Dawn Marie Hamilton said...

Hi, Lois! Glad you got a Kindle. The Marions have Nooks. Chat soon. :)