Saturday, February 16, 2013

The nature of romance

I was going to use this blog post to talk about the books I’m releasing this weekend, a set of three Cricket Starr novels called VioletAmong The Roses, Echo In The Hall, and Nemesis Of The Garden, the DivineInterventions series, now also in a money-saving box set. But when something unexpected and not particularly welcome happened this week that derailed my talking about my books and I think I should discuss that instead.

It is a question: What is true romance?

I had a chance to think about this on Valentine’s Day this year. My husband and I have been married for many, many years, but we still celebrate Valentine’s Day as many couples do, with gifts, flowers, and cards, and a romantic dinner.

This year was a bit different.

Since last weekend I’ve been ill. Not a life-threatening illness as it has turned out, but it involved visits to doctor’s offices, a CT scan on Tuesday, and a trip on the 14th to an emergency room to verify that one of my symptoms wasn’t a bigger problem than it was. My doctors were taking this illness very seriously. I reported an issue and was sent to the ER with orders to have my husband pull over and call 911 on the way if needed.

Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200.

Throughout all of this my husband drove me, shopped for me, and sat by my side for the hours of tests, no complaints even when twice he ended up someplace without any way of getting a decent lunch. Instead he soldiered on, kept me company and coddled me when we got home, making me Jello, fetching me juice when I was too tired to get off the couch, and insisting on doing the cooking and the dishes.

Somewhere in here I realized just how strong a man he is. Not the physical strength that we always rave about in our books but that quiet strength, the anchor I can depend on to back me up when things aren’t going as well as I’d like. I’ve always known how much I depend on him. But this week brought it home in a whole new way.

He did buy me flowers on Valentine’s Day, and a card and a gift, and even though we had to postpone a special dinner, what we did eat felt special if only because I didn’t have any Jello with it. But the real romance in the day was his standing by me during all those hours when I know he had other things to do because I was his top priority. This wasn’t a romantic Valentine’s Day in the traditional sense, but to me this will always be a very special one.


Rolynn Anderson said...

Oh, Janet. What a scare you've had! Sounds like you're mending and off the Jello...good sign. You are absolutely right about the best aspect of a love relationship...standing by, stolid, calming and doting. Your man has passed that 'test' with colors! This will be a Valentine's Day you won't forget. Thanks for posting a REAL love vignette!

Janet/Cricket said...

Thank you! He really is one in a million, at least for me.

Ana Morgan said...

How horrible, Janet. Health scares are a real test--and it sounds like your husband passed with flying colors! That really is true love.

Mona Risk said...

Janet, I hope you feel better now. Yes, real love is not shown by gifts, cards or flowers. It's the constant presence, support and help when we need them. Your husband is a real hero.