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Ellora's Cave BLUSH

Barbara Monajem
Paisley Kirkpatrick
Lyn Armstrong
Lilly Gayle

Book Length: Plus Novel
Book Type: eBook

Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
SBN: 9781419934629
Our Cover Price: $5.24
Osiris' Missing Part
By: Mona Risk

Blush sensuality level: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic in frequency or type).

Short Synopsis:
According to the legend, the evil Egyptian god of storm, Seth, killed his brother Osiris, chopped him into fourteen pieces and flung them all over Egypt. Isis, goddess of family, reassembled thirteen of his body parts. Since she couldn’t find his supernatural male member where his godly power was stored, she reattached a human one.
Isis has always loved Osiris, the charming god of labor. While dreaming of marriage, family and a son, she helps him fight Seth. Together they struggle to survive iniquities and perils.
His trip to the Afterlife has changed Osiris. He has fallen in love with Isis and regrets his past womanizing, but the sins of his past and their unexpected consequences threaten to separate the lovers more painfully than Seth’s mayhem and curses.

“We are powerful gods, Amout. We’ll give you untold strength. Now stand up and be a man. If you serve us well, we will reward you and your children,” Isis said

The man scrambled to his feet with an agility that belied his previous statement. “I’m your servant, powerful goddess.”

“Tell us about the curse you heard. Why won’t Osiris be able to reattach his member when he finds it?”

Amout wrapped his arms around his middle. “Please, ask me anything but that.”

“This is most important information. Speak.” She shook a threatening fist at him to loosen his tongue.

Amout cringed. His whole body shaking, he turned toward Osiris. “I’ll tell you privately, Almighty Osiris. Man to man.”

“Are you crazy?” Isis shouted. “Do you realize you’re insulting me?”

“Never my goddess. But what I have to say…” Amout wrung his hands, his eyes filling with tears. “I mean what Seth said will hurt your sensitive ears.”

“Don’t worry about my ears. They are made of sturdy stuff. Speak, I said.”

“Oh dear, oh gods, spare me, or cut out my tongue.” The man seemed in agony.

Was it that bad? My poor Ozi, what have they done to you, that I won’t be able to reattach you? “You can speak in front of your goddess. We have no secrets.” Hmm, except, of course, the few secrets related to Ozi’s former indiscretions. Osiris peeked at Isis who tilted her head and raised an eyebrow.

“If you insist,” Amout said as if these were his last words.

Isis’ eyes flashed in anger. “Well, we are waiting.”

“Seth said—Seth, not me—that if you ever find your cock you can’t reattach it yourself.”

“You mean that I can’t, but someone else can?” Osiris said.

“Yes, yes, yes someone else can.” Amout stammered.

“That will be no problem,” Isis intervened. “I will remove the human thing and reattach Osiris’ magical member.” Her smile showed her pleasure at the task.

“I beg your pardon, my goddess. But according to Seth you can’t.”

“Why not? Does he think I don’t have the power to do it? Which other god or goddess could handle such a difficult task?”

“Not a god, please. I prefer not to have male fingers touching my member.” Osiris’ bile rose in his throat at the mere thought of a man groping his Ozi.

“Never fear, my lord.” Amout sighed with relief. “No male’s fingers will touch your glorious member.”

Isis stepped closer. “Clarify this for me, mortal. If I can’t reattach it and no male fingers will touch it, who exactly will assume this delicate task?” Her voice came in a hiss and Amout backed up two steps.

“As you mention, my goddess, it is a delicate task, and Seth insisted it needed the delicate fingers of…of…a virgin,” he finished in a groan as Isis clawed at his face.

“How dare you, you miserable scorpion?”

Amout prostrated himself at her feet. “It’s not me. It’s Seth. You forced me to repeat his words. Please don’t vent your anger on me. I am but the messenger.”

Osiris shrugged. That wasn’t so bad. Despite Isis’ furious outburst, he smiled in relief and pulled her away from Amout’s face. Not bad at all. “Don’t kill him. We need him,” he whispered.

When Isis spun toward him, he wiped all expression from his face.

“We can’t accept that curse,” she said, her chin tilted up.

Couldn’t she remember they were discussing his supernatural penis, not her golden pot? “So what do you suggest we do?”

“Nothing. We won’t reattach it.” Her pinched lips dared him to protest. As if he could indulge her foolishness when it came to such a sensitive subject as his masculinity.

He faced her, scowling. “What do you mean we won’t reattach it? Am I to hold it in my hand when I exercise my godly power?”

“That would be better.” His sweet Isis turned red, puffing up with her held breath.

“Wait, there is more,” Amout said. “I have to tell you, I mean I have to repeat Seth’s words on how a virgin will reattach it.”

Various possibilities wallowed in Osiris’ mind and his pulse accelerated as the meaning of Seth’s curse sank into his mind.

Amout sneaked a glance at Isis. “My goddess, I thought
you would be happy to know there is a nice way around this evil curse.”

Was the guy suicidal? Osiris elbowed him. Couldn’t he see that Isis wanted to skin him alive if he added another sentence? But Osiris needed to learn the ultimate curse his brother had cast. Seth had always coveted Isis. Hadn’t he killed Osiris to possess her? Now Set had found the weapon to separate them. A simple easy way, while he watched them fight and hurt each other’s feelings. No wonder Seth was laughing and toasting.

“Tell me the entire curse,” Osiris bellowed, and the skies opened with a downpour of rain. Even with a mortal penis, he was still the powerful god feared by people and nature.

“According to Seth, only a virgin can paste your penis to your flesh and she’ll have to use her…ah…personal sap as glue.”

“How dare you?” Isis lashed out. Her eyes narrowing, she raised her arm and left a stinging red handprint on the man’s face. “And I’ll kill Seth with my bare hands the moment I catch him.”

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Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Mona, This is a fantastic story. I know I will love reading it. Does it come from a myth? Next to all things Scottish, I have always loved Egyptology and the myths. It was one of my favorite parts of school. Best if luck with lots of sales, my friend. :)

morgan said...

Your story is wonderful. I've always loved all things Egyptian. Thanks for writing it since I know it will bring pleasure to all your readers.

Sheila Tenold said...

What a fascinating premise, Mona. This is so original. I'm excited for you!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Wow, this sounds awesome. I can't wait to read it. And I love the cover. Can't go wrong with a half naked man. LOL.
Congrats on the new release, Mona.


Mona Risk said...

Hi Paisley, the story comes from a legend. I used it as prologue from the story written by Greek Historian Plutarch.

Morgan, I had so much fun writting this story. I used maps, ancient maps, brochures of Egyptian gods and their clothing, brochures about food, trees, animals,and hundreds of pictures I took during my last year visit to Egypt.

Sheila, when I submitted the manuscript to various editors I received a lot of praise that convinced me the story would be well received if I could find the right aditor.

Hi Lyn, I was so nervous this morning I had a typo in the link. I love the cover too. The man looks like my Osiris.

Maggie Toussaint said...

Wishing you all the best with Osiris' story. May he find his part and a willing virgin. I've never heard of conjugal fluids described as sap but I can see how that description can work.

I enjoyed your photos of all things Egyptian that you added to the post.

who has many missing parts, none of them magical

Traci said...

Can't wait to read this book, Mona!

Mona Risk said...

Thank you, Maggie. I didn't use conjugal fluids on purpose. You'll see why later on in the story.

Tracie, thank you for the support. This is an unusual story that will make you laugh while visiting Ancient Egypt.

Heather Graham said...

Love it! Went to Egypt years ago, and will never get over the awe of it! Congrats, Mona!

Barbara Edwards said...

I love stories set in Ancient Egypt, and look forward to read this one.

Melissa Alvarez said...

This book sounds fantastic, Mona!

Mary Marvella said...

Hey, Mona! I hope the poor guy finds his part! Guess I'd better add this book to my list! Many sales for you.

I'll miss seeing you in New York City next week!

Jill James said...

Mona, this sounds like such a fun read. I bet you laughed at your keyboard as you wrote it. Can't wait to read it.

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Mona, I loved the excerpt! Isis is in a pickle, isn't she? I'm looking forward to reading it. Will it be avail on Amazon for my Kindle?


Mary Ricksen said...

Mona you blow me away with your wonderful imagination! You are a true storyteller! This sounds awesome.

Mona Risk said...

Heather, thank you for stopping by. I tried to share with my readers part of the awe (as you said) that I felt when I visited Ancient Egypt.

Barbara, you'll have a good time with my book. An incredible story with a nice armchair traveling.

Thanks Melissa. Debbie, Rose and Joan Hammond read part of the manuscript and enjoyed it a lot.

Mary, have fun in NY and bring many picture. Fingers crossed for several requests for full.

Jill, I laughed a lot while writing it, but my best reassurance was that my husband laughed and enjoyed it. He has a tendency to fall asleep when he reads anythiing that doesn't have numbers.

Josie said...

Such an interesting plot and wonderful setting. You have another winner with this new book. Sincere congrats!

Alyssa Maxwell said...

Hi Mona! How awesome and original to translate an Egyptian legend into romantic fiction! And what a predicament! :)

Helen Scott Taylor said...

Such a fun and romantic story. I'm sure it will be a huge success. I hope everyone else enjoys the story as much as I did. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! The novel does not sound like you! You seem so much more serious, and you've written something that's quite funny. Love the excerpt. I wish you well. Celia

Anonymous said...

I love Egyptian stories and look forward to reading the entire book. You are an amazing writer, Mona.
Debbie Andrews

Lilly Gayle said...

Mona, I did not read this legend when learning Greek myhtology in high school. lol! I loved reading this excerpt. What fun!

Mona Risk said...

Hi Steph, unfortunately Ellora's Cave doesn't put the book for sale at, Barnes and Noble,.. right away. I think it may take three to four weeks. Right now they have it at their site for a discounted price.

Hi Mary R. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Take another one through my book.

Josie, this is the book of my heart for various reasons. I really hope it will be a successful one.

Hi Allison, don't they say torture the characters until they can't take it anymore. The story is bursting with conflict.

Thank you Helen, my dear CP, for all the help. When you said you enjoyed it, I knew it would be well received by readers.

Celia--I am a very serious and shy person. Maybe it's a double personality developing suddenly. When I heard the devout Moslem guide telling the legend without mentioning any specific details, I almost cracked up laughting: Yes, Madam, the mean Seth cut him into fourteen pieces and spread them all over Egypt. No Madam, we are not sure what became of the different pieces. The man hadn't read Plutarch!

Hi Debbie, thank you for the help. We miss you here.

Mona Risk said...

Hi Lilly, I am so happy to see you here. I couldn't promote it on TWRP loop too specifically and missed the Roses.Hmm the good nuns didn't teach me all the legends too.

Nightingale said...

Mona, Congrats and this sounds like a FASCINATING STORY, like your other books. Best of luck. on my TBR list.

Mona Risk said...

Thank you Bianca. It's my first paranormal.

Barbara Monajem said...

Oh, wow. I cracked up reading the excerpt. This story is so much fun, Mona! :~)

Keena Kincaid said...

What a fabulous excerpt. Funny, witty, and clever. I would so not want to be Amout in that situation. LOL. Even worse, I'd hate to be the poor virgin chosen to do the reattaching. :-)

I can't wait to read this book.

Mona Risk said...

Barbara and Keena, I am going to sleep with a smaile after reading your comments. So glad you like my excerpt.

Liana Laverentz said...

Oh, Mona, what a hoot! You must have had so much fun writing this book! I am so glad you found the right home for it. Here's wishing you many happy sales...