Saturday, January 14, 2012

Insanity is thy login name...

Today's blog post is late for a very good reason. I couldn't log into blogger due to having forgotten my login and my password. Only the work of my very tech-savvy husband managed to get me back on.

To put it mildly this made for a frustrating morning.

In my day job I also deal with logins and passwords on a near hourly basis. I'm a support engineer and part of my job is logging onto a customer's system and checking their code. To do this I need an open connection to the system, a valid login name, and a password that is both accurate and hasn't expired. I spend about half my time trying to get onto a system only to have one of the above fail on me. So you would think I would be pretty immune to the crazies when it comes to not being able to access an account.

You would be wrong. I was definitely losing it this morning.

The problem is that Blogger was bought by Google and since I was using the same email address for both when the companies merged I had to pick a new email for Blogger or risk losing access to my existing blogs. This was done but then I forgot which email address I was using for Blogger and the password. Fortunately hubby managed to work through the system to recover that information after trying my various emails. Oh, and finding the reset password emails in my spam filter.

The root cause of all this is too many logins, too many passwords, and too much info for any even remotely sane person to keep track of. I bet I have logins on at least fifty-plus accounts, each with their own unique password. There is no way to track that number of accounts other than keeping a record somewhere.

I know I can't be the only person feeling frustrated by all this. There has to be a better way to keep track of logins and the like. Anyone have any good ideas?

And if you do, make sure you patent it because you'd make a billion off it.

Oh and just to keep this writing related, Promises To Keep is still selling at a crazy rate on Amazon for $2.99. SF Romance Rules!



Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I feel your pain. I bought an address book and keep all login info in it along with the web address. From time to time I forget to enter new data and then I'm in a fix. But for the most part, have a cheap address book seems to work for me. I supported by ancient pen and paper.

Josie said...

I've tried to write down my login names and passwords, but I've given up. Now I just hope for the best when I log in.

morgan said...

Great news on your sales. I, too have about 30 passwords, and I am trying to switch them all over to the same word. I know how horrible that is for hackers, but I am guilty of mind farts. The other day I couldn't remember my facebook password.:(

Good blog

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