Sunday, January 15, 2012

Target Audience – Truth or Fiction? By Rolynn Anderson

I am new to the business of marketing a novel.  LAST RESORT, a thriller/romance, released in the summer of 2011, is my first book to be published, so I have a lot to learn about how to punch up my sales.  I’m conversing in loops, blogging, tweeting and face-booking, but not as much as I should, largely because the big question of how to find my readers has me in ‘stand-by’ mode.  I want to focus my energy on writing my next book, but I’m willing to devote a calculated measure of time and gusto to reach my so-called target audience. 

You see, I’m beginning to wonder if my book has a specific target audience.  Men seem to enjoy my story, as do women.  I had the odd experience of watching a 16 year old boy dive into my novel on a day when my husband and I moored our boat at his family dock.  Conservatives get a kick out of my fun fiction as do liberals.  A 93 year old friend (who rarely reads at all any more), zipped through my book in two days and pronounced it wonderful (even though it had ‘curse’ words).

So I ask you, how much time should I spend searching for my audience?  What methods have you used to identify your reader?  How are you reaching him/her?  Those of you with a broader-than-normal readership, like mine…what have you learned about how and where to sell your books? 

As always, thanks ahead of time to all my author friends for sharing their wealth of knowledge.  I am where I am today because of your encouragement and your expertise!  Rolynn

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Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I keep asking myself the same question, Rolynn. I'm hoping that as I have more projects published, my reader base will grow and they will order my back list. But that's kind of "pie in the sky" thinking, too, isn't it? I'm hoping for more comments...more experienced comments than mine.

Rolynn Anderson said...

It's nice to know we're trying to solve this problem together, Vonnie. One thing true: our readers will not come knocking on our doors...we have to knock on theirs! Let's see...300 million doors...daunting, isn't it!

Janet/Cricket said...

This is one of the biggest questions out there. One thing you can do is hang out where people who read your kind of book hang out. And remember that "overnight success" can come in the form of a book suddenly selling well after years of being available. So maybe your audience is out there and will find your book later.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Good point, Janet. I'm thinking of going to the RT conference in Chicago to 'find my readers.' Ever been to a 'reader's conference?' I only know about RT...are there others?

Josie said...

I'm not at that point yet, so I'm not much help in your quest to find your target audience. I find that the internet in general, though, pulls large chunks out of my writing day.

morgan said...

Never think you know where your target audience is because they are all over thanks to the Internet.At Nationals, one of the author confessed she was shocked that the majority of her fans where behind least the ones who wrote her.

So you never know, I read a great deal of young adult novels, which I am sure I was not part of the target audience.