Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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High Rises are like large families where members face love, hate, meddling, and gossiping.
When the neighbor who was harassing her is found dead in the Jacuzzi, Alexa is a prime suspect. Can she count on her dear neighbors, including the delectable Italian, Dante, for help?
With too many skeletons in their own closets, would they save her or incriminate her?

“Dante, please. Not now. We can’t...” She frantically shook her head.
“Why not, darling?” He trailed kisses on her cheeks, her temple, and jaw and nipped the sensitive skin of her throat. “We have all the time in the world, now that your ex is gone. Forget everything but you and me.”
“I’ve been trying to.” She sighed and slid off his lap to stand in front of him. Her head dropped in dejection. “I can’t anymore.”
“Why?” Stunned, Dante exhaled loudly. “What’s going on with the selfish bastard?” He tipped her face up and peered into green eyes that had lost their sparkle.
 “There’s something you should know. Greg told me…” She hesitated, folding her hands and entwining her fingers.
“Why all this nervousness? Damn it. He upset you again. Maybe I should have a talk with him.”  
Her breathing labored, she clasped his shoulder. “It’s not about Greg this time. It’s Steve.”
Merda. Dante straightened and loomed above her, gritting his teeth. “Steve Bairey? Is he bugging you?”
“Yes. I mean no. I mean...”
She looked so fragile in her shorts, her generous breasts exposed to his admiring gaze. Golden brown hair mussed around a face stricken with angst and tumbled in waves upon her shoulders.
A need to protect her replaced his initial lust. “That womanizer has a sick mind. I’ll kill the bastard.”
“Oh God, too many wishes are coming true today,” she mumbled.
“Steve is dead.”
“Oh.” Silence fell between them as he digested her words. “When? How?”
Her huge eyes simmered with apprehension. “He drowned in the Jacuzzi this afternoon.”

"A romance wrapped in a mystery." S.Hughes

"The hero is an appealing sweetheart, and this book is definitely a page-turner you won't want to miss." Kelsey Tanner

"Neighbors and More is an exciting, fast-paced mystery combined with a romance as hot as the Florida sun. Grab a cold drink, a fan and prepare for a perfect beach read." Linda McLaughlin

"A wonderful romantic suspense set in beautiful, east coastal Florida. A murder mystery, a falsely accused heroine and her handsome lawyer, and a diverse cast of characters, has all the makings for a great romance, intrigue and fast-paced action. Loved it." Seniorcitizen

"Dante really is a sweetheart and the author had me falling for him, along with Alexa. It's a very enjoyable read and an excellent mixture of mystery and romance."BevPetter.



morgan said...

It sounds like a great book. I am always up for a sexy Italian.;)

Mona Risk said...

Thank you. And it's free.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

I have m copy, Mona. You always come up with the greatest plot ideas. Best of luck with lots of sales my friend.

Mona Risk said...

Thank you, Marlene. Imagine that now I'm stuck with the second of the series. I wrote the first chapter but need to come up with more conflict!

Josie said...

Fabulous, Mona. You have another winner with this book. I love the setting and the entire concept.