Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another 3 month book ...

You know, whenever I write a book, I'm amazed by how loooooonnnngggg the process seems. I start writing it and I pick at it, and I work on it, and I procrastinate, and I put off, then eventually I knuckle down and get the thing done.

And when I look back I realize it took me 3 months. Yep, that's what I average per book: 3 months from start to finish. I tend to self-edit as I go, so that's 3 months total, plus or minus a few weeks.

Why does this seem so long to me? I've finally figured that out: usually that 3 months spans a season, or maybe two. Example: my latest WIP was started in early June. I wrapped it up in early September. It spanned the whole summer. Maybe *that's* why it seems so long?

I'm not sure, but I'm glad it's done -- or nearly so. The ending of that one gave me fits, but I think I finally the right way to wrap it up. I'll know more in a few months when I go back and re-read it and make sure it all makes sense!

And to celebrate, I scheduled another book for publication. Gilt released earlier this week (on Amazon to start with, wider distribution in a month or two).

This is a book about guilt -- and about gilt, as in, the things we hide from each other, and the more importantly, the things we hide from ourselves. I did the first draft of this book in 2005. When I picked it up again in 2011, I said, "well, I like the characters, but this plot needs work."

And work it I did. This was another 3-month book, one that spanned the autumn months last year.

I'm enjoying the flexibility of scheduling my own releases. I plan one more for this year, then we'll see what next year brings ... I have 3 ready to go, but I think I might take a break and only release 2 next year. We'll see how fast I can type!


Rolynn Anderson said...

JL, you ARE the energizer bunny. I am in awe of your work ethic...I find each novel takes me about 8 months to finish properly.

I love the play on sound/word with Gilt and Guilt. The cover is fabulous. Good luck with sales! Rolynn

Dawn Marie Hamilron said...

Good luck with Gilt, JL!

Josie said...

Three months from start to finish? JL, I am amazed. Best wishes with Gilt!