Sunday, June 16, 2013

Awards and free books

Today's post may seem a little disjointed but I have several cool things to talk about.

Now FREE at Amazon!
The first is that I have a book that's free today (Sunday, June 16). This is one of my older titles, Fangs For The Memories, which is part of my Hollywood After Dark vampire series. It's about a female vampire whose been in hiding for years until she's spotted by a man who not only knows who she is but has had a crush on her for years. When she runs out on him after a single night of near bliss, he chases her down and kidnaps her so that she's forced to listen to him.

It was a lot of fun to write and well received by the critics back when I wrote it, garnering several four and five star reviews, as well as being a Romantic Times Magazine Top Pick and nominee for their reviewers choice award. So if you haven't read it, pick it up for FREE.

Or if you are reading this on Monday you can still get it for the seriously low price of $1.49. How can you lose?

PRISM nominee for
Best Futuristic 2013
The other thing I wanted to talk about is my Samhain title Beloved Stranger, which is up for an award at this upcoming RWA Convention. I entered it into the FF&P PRISM contest (no relationship to the NSA program!) and it finalled about a month ago. I'm up against two other great books, The Marann by Christie Meierz, and Heart Secret by the amazing Robin Owens. This is terrific because even if I lose, I lost to one of these great writers, and there is no shame in that.

Plus I get a new pin for my badge and I love my little PRISM pins. I have nine of them already, and they are the coolest, shiniest things.

I'll be signing Beloved Stranger at the RWA convention as well, actual print copies! Samhain sent a few copies to me already and they are so nice looking, full trade-paperback sized books.

Free July 1st
for two weeks
The final thing I wanted to mention was that July 1st I have another story that will be free at ebook retailers everywhere. That is my story Darkpilot's Bride which is one of the six stories in the Ellora's Cavemen anthology: Legendary Tails 1.

As you can see from the cover, this book has some other great authors in it as well as me: Elizabeth Lapthorne, Lynn LaFleur, B.J. McCall, Callista Arman, and Charlotte Boyett-Compo. The stories were all great and we got a number of good reviews and awards.

My story was based on a joke I once made when the anthology was first announced. They said they particularly wanted stories with heavyset heroines, vampires, futuristic, and bondage, so I said I would write a story about a futuristic vampire who lands on a planet and finds the heavyset heroine tied to a tree.

I wrote it and it was accepted into the anthology. So now everyone can pick up a copy of this book when it goes free on Amazon, and all those other electronic book sellers. Be sure to check out the adventures of Dimitri, Josia, and Arthur, Dimitri's fussy computer.

That's all from me for this month. See you in July where I'll be posting from the RWA convention.

Janet Miller aka Cricket Starr


Ana Morgan said...

You're on a roll, Janet. Congratulations!

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